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Letters from a shrinking globe: around the day in 80 worlds.

Sweat, Anxiety and the Echoes of Ukraine

Brussels says these are the most important elections in history but they are being dominated by fear and loathing.



"It's not a nuisance, it's a killer"

The smog that has cloaked northern Europe is a reminder that air pollution kills 400,000 Europeans every year. It is time to act.

Jeffrey Sachs


"The Rich Have Got An Upper Hand Over Government"

Star economist Jeffrey Sachs says his quest to "end poverty" has been stangled by the selfishness of the 1%.

Statue eines Soldaten

Chris Cummins

"Putin Probed With A Bayonet And Found Mush"

At Brussels the EU muddles through its response to the Ukraine crisis. But is that enough?

"Criminal judicial approach to drugs doesn't work"

Comedian and former addict Russell Brand calls for a global rethink on the "war on drugs."

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"Mean-Spirited" Coverage Of Sochi?

Is justified criticism about "Putin's Olympics" slipping into Russia-bashing?

Where Has All The Money Gone?

The most expensive Winter Games in history get underway. Was it money well spent?

Chris Cummins auf dem Mountainbike

Chris Cummins

The First Ride of the Year

Tired of the ice and mud? Time for a bit of winter escapism.

"We Can't Treat Our Way Out Of The Problem"

On World Cancer Day, the WHO warns of a "tidal wave" of cancer as governments are urged to invest more in prevention.

Hans Grugger

Chris Cummins

"You Put The Risks To The Back Of Your Mind"

Three years ago, a crash at Kitzbühel left Hans Grugger in a coma. Now he is philosophical about the risks of skiing.


Kraus PR

Last Chance Saloon For A Snowboarding Icon

For this Saturday's Reality Check Special I sit down with Sigi Grabner who wants to end his glittering 20 year snowboard racing career at the Sochi Olympics.

"Celebrating The Beauty Of The Mountains"

A hotly contested film competition at the Kitzbühel Freeride Weeks

Veronica Timbalari


Caught between East and West

Moldova looks west, much to the annoyance of Russia.

Mohammed El Deep

Nasser Kalaji

"We are just not used to having a dialogue"

Cairo-based rapper Deeb on the political instability in Egypt.

Rich But Burning

Australia, the world's largest per capita emitter of carbon, has been criticised for not to send a minister to climate talks in Warsaw. It`s government seems openly climate sceptical. Why?

The Village of Yellow Teeth

In rural Moldova many villages are cut off from running water and forced to use dangerously polluted wells. An Austrian project is trying to make a difference.


The City of Wine

A visit down a 200km long wine cellar in Moldova - and a taste of hope for "Europe`s poorest country".

Daniel Bruehl als Niki Lauda


"The Truth is All Important"

An interview with Rush screenwriter Peter Morgan - the man who fictionalized Blair, the Queen and Idi Amin.


ABC News

Worked to Death?

A report suggest dozens of poor migrant workers die every month as Qatar prepares for its World Cup party

"I could hear the door being kicked down"

Greenpeace says their ship the Arctic Sunrise has been "stormed" by Russian agents. An interview with an activist.

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