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Chris Cummins

Letters from a shrinking globe: around the day in 80 worlds.

The Long Road To Scotland

As Great Britain threatens to fall apart, a ride that links England and Scotland.

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Cheeky, Provocative and Inspiring

The Ars Electronica festival in Linz has reinvented itself. It still makes you think, but it makes you laugh too.


Chris Cummins

To Drone Or Not To Drone

Drones are probably being used against militants in Iraq right now. Are they the cleanest type of weapon or a threat to international law?

"The Smoking Ban Is Coming"

At the health symposium at the European Forum Alpbach, the (still) Austrian health minister Stöger preaches that prevention is better than a cure.

Tackling The Iron Roads

The Klettersteig boom continues. But with ever more accidents Ramsau in Styria has started a safety campaign.

On The Rocks Festival

Claudia Ziegler

Das Beste ist noch nicht vorbei?

An ode to On The Rocks festival - which is celebrating its 10th and final edition this weekend

Le Tour de Yorkshire

The world's biggest bike race passes through my home village. Oh the excitement!

An Unholy Alliance?

Austria's backing of the South Stream gas pipeline from Russia won much praise from Vladimir Putin. But is the 100m Euro investment really in Austria's interest?

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Eva Paunova

Eva Paunova

A Fresh Wind in the European Parliament?

The EU40 is a cross-party group of young MEPs. Can they bring a fresh wind of energetic co-operation into European politics?

Ein Fahrrad


The Giddying Trails of Austria

The 4 Peaks mountain bike race separates the wheat from the chaff. I'm chaff.

All Dried Out?

Lake Neusiedl boasts some of the most fascinating and rich wetlands in Europe - but for how long?


Chris Cummins

Cycling To The Tomorrow Festival

Festival Radln - the greenest way to Austria's greenest festival.

"What Do We Mean By Standard of Living?"

Ahead of this weekend's EU elections, Slovaks mull over what 10 years of EU membership has meant. A trip to Bratislava.

A Broken Promise To The World's Poor

Austria is set to slash its overseas aid budget again, with "dramatic consequences" for thousands living in poverty. A vigil aims to force a rethink.

drei Grabkreuze

Chris Cummins

Those Stinking Towns and Foul Bloody Villages

It is 100 years since the "War To End All Wars" - a visit to the scene of some of the worst slaughter.

The Missing Thousands

The EU is meant to be about mobility, but if you don't live in your country of birth, it is hard to vote in its elections this May.

Sweat, Anxiety and the Echoes of Ukraine

Brussels says these are the most important elections in history but they are being dominated by fear and loathing.



"It's not a nuisance, it's a killer"

The smog that has cloaked northern Europe is a reminder that air pollution kills 400,000 Europeans every year. It is time to act.

Jeffrey Sachs


"The Rich Have Got An Upper Hand Over Government"

Star economist Jeffrey Sachs says his quest to "end poverty" has been stangled by the selfishness of the 1%.

Statue eines Soldaten

Chris Cummins

"Putin Probed With A Bayonet And Found Mush"

At Brussels the EU muddles through its response to the Ukraine crisis. But is that enough?

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