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Chris Cummins

Letters from a shrinking globe: around the day in 80 worlds.

Cyclists in Bangkok

Bangkok Alleycats

Why cycling is the best way to see Thailand's capital.

Mann mit Schildkappe

"I saw a lot of blood and a lot of messed up bodies"

50 years after the first US combat troops landed in Vietnam, two veterans return and ponder blood, resentment and reconciliation.


Tortured By Both Sides

Abductions, summary executions and a media war. Amnesty's Bogdan Ovcharuk on why no side is innocent in the Ukraine conflict.

T. C. Boyle

T.C. Boyle: A Live Reality Check Special

Armed with a new book, T.C. Boyle, chronicler of a troubled America, has been live in the FM4 Studio to answer your questions and mine.

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Projektion eines Schifahrers auf einer Hauswand

"It's the show that makes freeskiing special"

The 6th edition of the Playstreets in Bad Gastein: putting the showbusiness razzmatazz back into the sport of freeskiing.


Respecting Nature While Freeriding

The freeride boom is putting pressure on mountain fauna. A few easy rules to help the mountain animals thrive.

Oliver Lehmann

"Science Is One Big Soap Opera"

Marc Abrahams, the mastermind behind the Ig Nobel Prizes and the Annals of Improbable Research in a Special Reality Check encounter.

70 Jahre Auschwitz

A Vivid Reminder

With Anti-Semitism on the rise across Europe, the world honours the victims on Auschwitz.

Mann hält einen Stift hoch

"You Cannot Extinguish Our Freedom"

Thousands gathered in central Vienna in the name of freedom, tolerance and mutual understanding.

Räder am Boden

"Unite before it is too late!"

How Amsterdam became "The City of Bikes"

Manfred Novak

"The West has lost its credibility on human rights"

On the UN's Human Rights Day, Manfred Nowak slams both the US and Europe's record on protecting human dignity.

Euromaidan protests 2013

"Where do they think Putin is going to stop?"

Euromaidan leader Yelyzaveta Schepetylnykova on Ukraine's hopes after a bitter year and on Europe's complacency.


The #AfricaStopEbola Song

Music as a tool to shape behaviour in West Africa - featuring Amadou and Mariam


A Revolution For The People

Burkina Faso is much more than a pawn in the global security struggle. Its people deserve real change.


Cycling As A Tool For Change

A journey of hope and discovery on the enchanted paths of Transylvania.

Hirte mit Tieren

Tuica, Scythes and Eggs of Hay

Rural Romania: a relic of the past? Or a beacon for a more balanced future.


Bucharest is Blooming

A city of hidden gems: How an undervalued city wants to shed its grey reputation.

Hirte mit Schafen in Rumänien

Europe Must Show Some Heart

Unloved and often derided - if the European project is to work it has to convince us it can listen to ordinary citizens and not just business lobbies.

Drei Radfahrer

The Long Road To Scotland

As Great Britain threatens to fall apart, a ride that links England and Scotland.

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Cheeky, Provocative and Inspiring

The Ars Electronica festival in Linz has reinvented itself. It still makes you think, but it makes you laugh too.

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