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Letters from a shrinking globe: around the day in 80 worlds.


A Festering Wound

Seven years ago this week, the Sri Lankan government declared victory in its 26 year conflict with the Tamil Tigers. But the bloodbath that ended the war still haunts Sri Lanka today.


Adapt or Die - a stark warning to oil companies

The old business model is dying for fossil fuel companies, say experts, they need to change strategy or burn out.


"We need a new sort of politics"

As the Paris Climate Agreement is finally signed, our future survival depends on politicians forgetting politics and remembering leadership.

Blau angemalter Kanaldeckel

The Blue City of Brazil

Cidade Azul - an art project aimed at uncovering São Paulo's polluted and forgotten rivers.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton is the "war candidate"

Economist Jeffrey Sachs slams the Democratic frontrunner as part of the "military industrial complex".


Foraging For Food

Are we ignoring the bountiful and nutritious gifts of nature? What we can learn from Native American culture?

Simpsons-Figur am Telefon

Panama Papers: "Politicians will feel the heat"

The biggest leak in history is likely to make the richer and powerful sleep uneasily. But will it usher in real change?

Chris mit Bike im Wienerwald

"The possibilities are endless"

A mountain biking revolution in the Vienna Woods? Riders finally have a designated trial park.

Pavlos Georgiadis

A Revolution Based on Pleasure

Our relationship with food is all messed up - it's making us obese and not particularly happy. Let's reconnect with what food means.


The Great Barrier Reef in crisis

New coal export projects are being pushed through in Australia as the Great Barrier Reef suffers its worst ever bleaching.

Ex-FIFA President Joseph Blatter

A New Dawn For FIFA?

Football's governing body chooses the man to replace pantomine villain Sepp Blatter - but will this vote bring real change?


"This is Ridiculous. This Is Shameful."

Heinz Patzelt of Austria's branch of Amnesty International slams the government's capping asylum applications.


Zika: Irradication through Irradiation

Fighting a "global health crisis" in a lab in Lower Austria. A Saturday Reality Check Special.

Gebäude in den französischen Nationalfarben

Paris: Living Well Is The Best Revenge

Five weeks after the terror attacks in Paris the tourists are still scarce but the city is defiant. A love letter to the French capital.

Presidence De La Cop

The End of the Fossil Fuel Era?

We have a deal on fighting climate change - heralded as a "historic turning point". Do we have a plan to save the planet?


"Countries here are fighting for their existence"

The stakes are incredibly high - as climate negotiations go into extra time. A Briefing on what to watch out for at COP21.


"Will our children be able to live at all?”

The US Secretary of State makes an empassioned speech, a polar bear roars, but will we get "climate justice"? A fascinating day in Paris.

Nnimmo Bassey

"It's Just An Excuse Not To Cut Emissions"

Protesters at the Paris climate change summit say a much heralded forest protection scheme dispossesses the poor and absolves the rich of responsibility. A "false solution" for global warming?

Brussels, Soldier and Policemen on the street

Safety or Privacy? Is it a Choice?

Heavily-armed soldiers patrol the streets of Brussels, while inside their glassy buildings EU officials grapple with maintaining European values in an era of terror.


Do We Live In A Businessocracy?

Does the influence and power of corporate lobbyists water down environmental and health protection and outweigh the democratic will of European voters?

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