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Chris Cummins

Letters from a shrinking globe: around the day in 80 worlds.

Jan-Werner Müller

Why Populism Is Dangerous And How To Fight It

A wave of populist politics has been sweeping the world. Jan-Werner Müller says its perilously anti-pluralistic and denies the legitimacy of minorities. But what to do?


A Sense of Pride, A Feeling of Community

ROB, an Austrian project to get refugees involved in rugby, has won a major international prize for the positive effect it has had on young people's lives. No wonder.


The Ivory Wars

The clock is ticking. African Elephants face extinction. Meet the people prepared to risk their lives to stop that happening.


A Voice For The Oceans

Céline Cousteau is a filmmaker, ecologist and adventurer. Dive into her world for a Reality Check Special.


Begin The Begin

NGOs and climatologists say Austria is dawdling on its climate obligations and we are running out of time to avoid disaster.

Drei Menschen in einem Wald

Fighting For The Forest

Romania is home to Europe's last great primary forests and yet these are being rapaciously destroyed. Activists have set up a camp to make a stand against the deforestation.


From Peak To Creek

Our Very Important Platzerl series takes us mountain biking in Sölden, where the riding is smooth with an emphasis on sustainability.

Track Cycling

Slingshot Speeding

It's time for the track cycling events at the Olympics. I took a crash course introduction to the velodrome!

Radfahrer in der Dunkelheit

The Darkest Hour Is Just Before The Dawn

Rad Am Ring: A 24 hour cycling race on the iconic Nürburgring

Chris Cummins

Flatlining the Flatlands

Gran Fondo gives hobby cyclists the chance to pretend they are Tour de France athletes for a few hours.

Sonnenuntergang über dem Donaudelta

At Europe's Watery End

The Romanian Danube Delta is naturally and culturally rich, but economically poor. Can it achieve green development? A Saturday Reality Check Special.


Brexit: Resentment from young people

Three quarters of young Brits voted to stay in the European Union. Now they could face a vindictively punitive divorce settlement. Pity the kids.

13 Kommentare

Britische Zeitungs-Frontpage: "We're out"

A Long Night - A Difficult Dawn

Dissecting the Brexit shock.

Plakat: Today I pledge to Love Like Jo (Cox)


As Brits vote on Brexit, a ceremony honours a pro-European politician whose message was all about togetherness.

FM4 Mikro auf einer englischen Wiese

Is the Genie out of the Bottle?

The Brexit vote divides a country - has it also led to the rise of "petty nationalism"? - a Saturday Reality Check special.

Teearbeiterin in Sri Lanka

Making Tea More Fair

Tea is healthy, but the working and living conditions of those who pluck it can be very unhealthy. What must change?


"This is animals dying en masse"

The death of colour in our oceans. As coral bleaching reaches the Maldives, this could be a warning of a bleak future for marine life and fisheries.

Bike sign

The Status Quo Is Deadly

Austrian cycling infrastructure needs more space and more investment if we are to avoid further tragedies.


Australia omitted from UN report: Climate Censorship?

All mentions of Australia were removed from the final version of a United Nations report on climate change - reportedly at the request of the Australian government.


A Festering Wound

Seven years ago this week, the Sri Lankan government declared victory in its 26 year conflict with the Tamil Tigers. But the bloodbath that ended the war still haunts Sri Lanka today.

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