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Dave digs the Dirt, webtips, IT-memes and other online geekery. Also as Podcast.

Today's Webtip: Rik Reimert

Taking drawing back to the basics. A look at the pen and paper works of an analog aficionado.


Today's Webtip: Mr. Money Moustache

Trying to teach the world that the quickest way to financial freedom is simply not to spend.


Today's Webtip: MoneyLab

An article on the conference that's looking for solutions to the problem of money and democracy.


Today's Webtip: MH17

A look at the reporting in Russia.


Today's Webtip: Autocorrect

The not so secret history of our constant companion.

Der junge Spok und Flammen, Star Trek: Into Darkness


Today's Webtip: Common People

An animated slashup featuring Kirk and Spock. Warning: Shatner singing ahead

Mond, Astronaut


Today's Webtip: To the Moon!

A few ways to experience the first time humanity set foot on the moon.

Grafik Roboter

Today's Webtip: Makercamp

It's like summer camp without mosquitoes.

Today's Webtip: Face

A nifty little tool to tweak your digital images.

Today's Webtip: Grammarphobia

A blog about language, grammar, and words.

Today's Webtip: Word Crimes

Weird Al's interpretation of Blurred Lines might actually help you learn something.

Today's Webtip: ERB

It's masters versus mutants in the most recent Epic Rap Battle.


Thurston Howes

Today's Webtip: Punk Pics

An inside look at ancient underground culture.

Logo von Music Vault

Music Vault

Today's Webtip: Music Vault

A massive collection of rock concert videos.

Barbie in mittelalterlicher Rüstung

Today's Webtip: Faire Play

3D printed medieval body armor for Barbie.

Filmstill "Nothing lasts Forever"


Today's Webtip: Nothing Lasts Forever

A long lost science fiction film with Bill Murray.

Weiße punkte auf schwarzem Grund

Bella Union

Today's Webtip: Super Pixel Quest

Let there be light in a very clicky webcomic.

Computeranimierter Stein

Today's Webtip: Rock and Field

The best button mashing rock simulator ever.

Today's Webtip: Inside Fireworks

A drone takes us inside the show, while some science explains the hows and whys.

Today's Webtip: DayZ Adventures

A DayZ let's play that's pretty entertaining.

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