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Dave Dempsey

Dave digs the Dirt, webtips, IT-memes and other online geekery. Also as Podcast.


Today's Webtip: Learn with the Smithsonian

The learning lab is a tool for teachers and students and anyone else who wants to learn or teach.

Aphex Twin

Today's Webtip: CIRKLON3

Aphex Twin's first video in 17 years was made by a 12 year old.


Today's Webtip: WTFSIMFD

Annoyed by cooking? Take a play from post modern democracy and let the net decide for you.

Jas Townsend

Today's Webtip: Jas. Townsend and Son

keeping ancient cooking alive and informative. Meet the Bob Ross of cooking shows.


Today's Webtip: The Frontier

First hand stories from the frontline of the refugee crisis.

Musiker Nick Cave

Today's Webtip: The Boys Next Door

It looks like someone at the record company didn't know what to do with Nick Cave in 1978.

Bob Ross

Today's Webtip: Paint with Bob

Yes now you can do online multi painter painting together with Bob Ross. Let a thousand happy trees grow!


Today's Webtip: SciFi Mixtape

26 minutes of great science fiction moments. With a beat.

Van Gogh Bild in Wasserfarbe nachgemacht

Today's Webtip: Ebru

Van Gogh's Starry night painted on water.

Linzfest - Ente

Today's Webtip: Conspiracy Facts

Because sometimes those things that look like ducks and act like ducks really are ducks.

Klaus Nomi

Today's Webtip: Klaus Nomi

a personal blog post about the man and his art, and an interview.

Person in einem Lokal mit Drink und Handy

Today's Webtip: 1 second every day

the shortest trip around the world you will ever take

John Oliver

Today's Webtip: Debt Relief

John Oliver wiped out 15 million dollars worth of debt last week.

Figur in einem Computerspiel mit leuchtenden Augen

Today's Webtip: Minecraft IRL!

And you thought the low-res version was scary?

Kinky Boots

Today's Webtip: Just Pee!

The cast of Kinky Boots taking the piss out of brave new bathroom laws.

Logo von Pagestrip

Today's Webtip: Pagestrip

A WYSIWYG webpage editor and hosting service. Made in Austria.

Logo Kernel Magazine

Today's Webtip: Hoax!

The Kernel has an issue dedicated to hoaxes and disinformation.

Landung von  Falcon 9

Today's Webtip: Landing Cam

A first person (rocket?) perspective of the Falcon 9 landing.


Today's Webip: Fort Knocks

another entertaining story from people who take their gaming seriously.


Today's Webtip: Doctor Who?

Is he or isn't he? No idea. Am I bothered?

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