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Johnny Bliss

Disorderly artist, journalist, and late night moderator, with a fetish for microphone-based hooliganism.

Australischer Gecko

Healing before you need to be healed

June Mills is an Aboriginal activist and artist from a tribe called the Larrakia, who have traditionally lived near the city of Darwin, Northern Australia. She has spent much of her life dealing with the traumas of European colonization and the Stolen Generation.

Robert J Sawyer

An Interview with Robert J Sawyer (Starmus)

Saturday on FM4 Reality Check: A chat with the Hugo & Nebula Award-winning science-fiction author, Robert J Sawyer. In the lobby of a hotel in Tenerife, we discussed artificial intelligence, dystopian futures, and why science fiction is important.

Members of the 'Starmus Gang', as pictured by French Illustrator Audrey Hess

The most unique festival in the galaxy

I attended Starmus, a space, science and astrophysics conference on the Spanish island of Tenerife. Attendees included Stephen Hawking, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Brian May, Brian Cox, Brian Greene, and Brian Eno. We talked about the Future.


In the Schengen Zone, over 4,000 kilometres away...

St. Pierre & Miquelon are a couple islands in the North Atlantic, much closer to Canada than anywhere in Europe. For all intents and purposes, however, they are considered a part of France.


Mostly Autonomous: Life in a self-declared Republic

I visited Freetown Christiania in Copenhagen (Denmark), and the Republic of Užupis in Vilnius (Lithuania), in the hopes of better understanding what drives people to declare independence.


Chernobyl: Thirty Years After the Disaster

My visit to the 30km Chernobyl Exclusion Zone offered me a fascinating, sobering meditation on what happens when men discover they are not Gods. I came, I saw, I interviewed.


Johnny's Journeys: The trail of the elusive pigdeer

I've spent the day with a local fisherman, prowling the arctic tundra of Svalbard in the hopes of catching a sight of the legendary, solitary (and rarely seen) pig reindeer, a species of creature only found in the Svalbard / Spitsbergen region.


Johnny's Journeys: The Proud Heritage of New Iceland

In a rural area in the middle of Canada, far away from the ocean, tens of thousands of Icelanders (or people of Icelandic descent) have chosen to make their home. But why?


Johnny's Journeys: Extreme Weather of Manitoba

Tornadoes, -50° celsius temperatures, ice storms, and nearly biblical floods - these are just a few of things locals have to live with in the Canadian prairie province of Manitoba.


Haida Gwaii: 17,000+ years of Haida Heritage

The people of Haida Gwaii, on the pacific northwestern coast of Canada, once had a fearsome reputation as warriors. Two hundred years of colonialism, however, have left their mark.

June, activist in Darwin

Johnny's Journeys: Autumn / Winter 2015

My journeys around the world for FM4 have taken me from Mexico to Canada and Australia; I've toured Mayan ruins and modern ruins, interviewed aboriginals in Darwin, and joined my fellow Canadians in welcoming a new Federal government.


Cuba's next revolution: Streamed or televised?

Fifty-five years after the US (and much of the rest of the world) shut its doors on Cuba, relations are finally beginning to thaw. But how will this affect the people actually living in Cuba?

Zug im australischen Outback

Australia by Rail: The Legend of Kurtys

In a country as big as Australia, rail employees working aboard passenger trains spend nearly as much time on trains as off. It is more a lifestyle than a job. But what sort of crazy person chooses to live on a train?!

Cinderella by Banksy

Dismaland by Banksy: My Visit

Apocalyptic theme park, a surrealist send-up of Disneyland, or a dark commentary on modern times, whatever you think Banksy's Dismaland is, it is certainly a memorable place, worthy of a visit. Just don't expect to be able to purchase any advance tickets.

Johnny Bliss

Here Be Dragons: A Johnny's Journeys Special

I encountered flesh-eating dragons in the islands of Komodo, fossils of little people dubbed 'hobbits' in Flores, an aboriginal royal family in the jungles of West Timor, and the Taoist God of War in Taiwan. All of this, just in the first six months of 2015.

Distortion Festival

Distortion Diaries 2015

My visit to the electronic music festival that envelopes the Danish capital of Copenhagen for the better part of a week. With live acts including Sirius Modeselektor, Actress, Fritz Kalkbrenner, Elijah Wood (wait, what?) and Trentemøller, the festival musically has a lot to offer... even if you don't make it to the concerts.


Life in the far North: Svalbard (Spitsbergen)

I visited an archipelago so far north that Iceland seems comparatively as if it were a tropical southern island. In a place with more polar bears than human beings, I began to wonder: what drives a person to come and live here, in the middle of nowhere?

Buch in der Hand

The book you dream of reading

Iceland's capital, Reykjavik, is a very special place for writers. In a country where one in ten people has published (or will publish) a book, the capital city has been granted the unique title of UNESCO City of Literature. And where better to host a creative retreat, for writers to develop and discuss their craft?

Johnny Bliss mit Wallaby

Johnny's Islands

An FM4-style radio program, on the other side of the Earth! From the Arctic Ocean to the beginnings of the Antarctic, the Indian Ocean to the Canadian Pacific-Northwest, I've discovered that I really, really like islands. Come join me in Tasmania, on a tour to some of my favourite islands in the entire world!

Kalpona Akter

Kalpona's Story: Fireburned to firebrand

Kalpona Akter is a labour activist based in Bangladesh. From humble beginnings as a garment activist, she has risen to Executive Director of the Bangladesh Centre for Worker Solidarity (BCWS). Hear her story, this Saturday, on FM4's Reality Check.

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