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Cutting to the chase


"The ultimate nightmare scenario"

Reality Check: Flight security measures, the campaign for Tikrit, Nigeria's presidential election, Google research, "Better Shelter"


Questions over cockpit security

Reality Check: Germanwings - cockpit security, UK election, Saudi airstrikes on Yemen, Finnish education system

Tsipras hand an merkels Ellbogen

Tsipras and Merkel break the ice

Reality Check: Tsipras-Merkel talks, US-Afghan relations, Austria and smoking, Albie Sachs, being bilingual.

Lee Kuan Yew

Singapore mourns its founding father

Reality Check: Singapore mourns, France and the far right, Yemen, Ebola

Benjamin Netanjahu

Israel: the result no-one expected

Reality Check: Israeli election results, Srebrenica arrests, Frankfurt Blockupy protests, Ceurabics.

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Isaac Herzog, Oppositionspolitiker in Israel

Bye bye, Bibi?

Reality Check: Israeli elections, subsidiary protection, Iran talks, Brazil protests, Elton John vs. D&G

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Afghanische Frau vor einem Plakat

Letter to Iran is a US "domestic politics game"

Reality Check: Letter to Iran, Hillary's e-mail, Venezuela politics and people, Afghan Women's Network

Libysches Ölfeld

Libya "has moved beyond" civil war

Reality Check: Libya IS kidnappings, reporting on Syria, Ukraine troop pullback, EU army, Mising Image Ruth Beckermann

Giannis Varoufakis

Greece and its tourist tax inspector plan

Reality Check: Greece referendum threat, migrants in the Med, Nemtsov arrests, elephants in the circus, Solar Impulse 2.

Mahmoud Abbas

A Palestinian "anti-Netanyau" election signal

Reality Check: PLO suspends security cooperation with Israel, Hillary's e-mail scandal, International Women's Say: women in humanitarian aid, women film directors, Saudi artist, Maha Malluh

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Netanyahu speech is backfiring

Israel reactions to Netanyahu speech, militants seize Libyan oil fields, Slovenia approves same sex marriage, the future for mountain gorillas.

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Iran deal "possible by the end of March"

Reality Check: Iran nuclear talks, Mothers Schools against Extremism, Nemtsov funeral, Ebola update, "African Pride"

Boris Nemzow

Rallies across Russia for Nemtsov

Reality Check: Nemtsov rally in Moscow, compensation for US victims of forced sterilisation, Netanyahu in USA, Hypo crisis, drones in the future

IS militants

Jihadi John: a "beautiful man" radicalised

Reality Check: Jihadi John named, poverty in the EU, Islamic State destroys Iraqi statues, massive black hole discovered, DC legalised marijuana


Security council veto: "a political football"

Reality Check: Reforming the Security Council, Ukraine and human rights, Obama vetoes oil pipeline construction, TC Boyle in FM4, pain and pleasure.

Türkische Panzer vor der Syrischen Grenze

Turkey: moving history

Reality Check: Turkish forces remove ancient tomb, Myanmar violence, Nigerian elections, Al Shebab threatens US and UK shopping malls, the direction of the Oscars

Mosul Staudamm

Mosul: "...will be a hard push"

Reality Check: The fight for Mosul, women and the Islamic State, Greece talks in final day, unaccompanied minor refugees, House of Responsibility


Political correctness, or plain pussyfooting?

Reality Check: the language of terrorism, Aleppo ceasefire, Ukraine peacekeeper proposal, Thailand's military government, a one state solution


Greece and the EU: who'll blink first?

Reality Check: Greece talks, Minsk agreement fails, Putin in Hungary, the billion dollar bank heist, passenger name records

Präsident Ägyptens

The Libyan "hot potato"

Reality Check: Egyptian airstrikes against Islamic State in Libya, violence continues in Ukraine, arrests in Denmark shootings, how sanctions are hitting Russia, "Boys Awakening"

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