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Cutting to the chase


Syria: a devastating loss of human capital

Reality Check: Palmyra beheading and a Europe without plastic bags

Polizist vor Buddha Schrein

An unprecedented attack on Bangkok

Reality Check: Bangkok bombing, Austria's new asylum legislation

Al Sisi in Uniform

New terror laws threaten the "quality of justice"

Reality Check: Egypt's new anti-terror legislation; How one German city is embracing migrants;

Heinz Patzelt von Amnesty International

Traiskirchen "a scandal"

Reality Check: Amnesty report on Traiskirchen; the peacekeeper problem

Shwe Mann

Myanmar's power struggle

Reality Check: Political upheaval in Myanmar/Burma; an end in sight for Syria?

Thousands of Haitians are being deported from the Dominican Republic, making the situation in Haiti even worse

Turkey pushes for "no-fly" zone

Reality Check: Fighting talk from Turkey, Haiti 5 years on

Flüchtling im Zelt

Making money out of misery?

Reality Check: Should Traiskirchen be run for profit? Saving Italy's opera houses

Demonstranten mit Türkei-Fahnen

Sympathy for Islamic State in Turkey

Reality Check: Bomb attacks in Turkey, South Korea threatened North over landmines

Jeb Bush

Trump "threw a few firebombs"

Reality Check: Republican debate; Russia destroys food

Donald Trump

Blowing his own Trump-et

Reality Check: Republican nomination candidates in TV debate; why Mexico is losing the "Drugs War"

Russian Flag

Russia goes for gold... and oil... and gas...

Reality Check: Russia's bid for territory in the Arctic; the Ehe-Gleich Initiative;


Obama returning to the climate change forefront

Reality Check: the changing powers behind the climate change battle

Farben, Teil eines Gemäldes

"Not in my back yard"

Reality Check: Slovakian town rejects asylum plan, Kathrin Nachbaur und Rouven Ertlschweiger leave Stronach for the ÖVP.


Tsipras' hard sell

Reality Check: Greek proposal analysis, why are polls wrong? Srebrenica 20 years on, inside Traiskirchen, refugees welcome;

Pensionist in Griechenland

The final countdown?

Reality Check: Greece proposal awaited, FotoQuest Austria, Syrian refugees in Lebanon, Sweden and immigration.

"Grexit" mit Scrabble-Steinen vor der griechischen Fahne

The "G" word

Reality Check: Greece Syriza, Egypt press freedom, Hungary asylum law, Gaza one year on, Project Animal Farm.

Greek Debt 323 Billion Euro

Who would a "haircut" actually hurt?

Reality Check: Greece's creditors, Migrants and the Balkans, 7/7 anniversary, Hinkley Point nuclear plant legal battle, Iran sanctions


Yes, it was a "no". Now what?

Greek referendum reactions in Brussels and Athens, Iran talks, Transcendental meditation

Männer mit Maschinengewehren und in schwarzer Tarnkleidung

"I will get your head!" - Life under Islamic State

A story of repression, defiance, and the secret importance of red shoes.

Flagge Griechenlands und eine Euro-Münze

Greece: "It'a a waiting game"

Reality Check: Greece heads towards referendum, BP strikes deal on Deepwater Horizon, Syrian refugees' stories and fears

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