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Cutting to the chase

Matthew Ho

Matthew Ho

Turbulent times in Hong Kong

Reality Check: Hong Kong protests, "Sentinal" satellite programme, Turkey's concerns with Islamic State militants, the new EU Commission, university fees.

Trying to heal divides

Reality Check: Syria's diverse opposition, Hong Kong protests, Ukraine and EU membership, the benefits of an aging population, birds and dinosaurs


Islamic State: Afghanistan reloaded?

Reality Check: Obama's speech to the United Nations, Cameron to join airstrikes, Right Livelihood Awards, Roma in Eastern Ukraine, Chess in Armenia



Assad "attempting to save face"

Reality Check: Air strikes on Syria, Iraq refugees, UN climate conference, Inequality and the 1%, the health time bomb

Together forever?

Reality Check: Scotland "no" vote, new whaling regulations, ebola in Liberia, FragNebenAn

Alex Salmond's thumb


Should Scotland be an independent country? Yes/No

Scotland votes, Russian policy in Ukraine - Lev Gudkov, Australia terror raids, European Spring.

"An epidemic, of the likes we have not seen before"

Reality Check: Obama and ebola, Austria climate report, what if Scotland votes "yes", Arab women, a trip to Uranus.

F Hollande


Operations should start quickly: ideally tomorrow

Reality Check: The coalition against Islamic State extremists, Austria's struggle against jihadis, Swedish elections, Scottish independence, a personal view from Ukraine.

John Kerry

EPA/Dan Kitwood

Kerry's "coalition of the willing"

Reality Check: Coalition against the Islamic State, Catalan independence rally, future of Austrian Airlines, Armenia and Ukraine, Pistorius verdict



US "has gone through 360°" on Syria

Reality Check: US comes full circle on Syria, World Suicide Prevention Day, UK party leaders head to Scotland, the new European Commission, Women in Games conference.

"Everything screams air defence missile"

Reality Check: MH17 report, sanctions against Russia, Iraq's new government, re-radicalising Islamic radicals, water for Gaza.

Och AYE, the NO!

Reality Check: Who is for and against Scottish independence, hopes of an ebola vaccine, Ukraine's ceasefire, mental health crisis among Syrian refugees

The difficult path to peace in Ukraine

Reality Check: Ukrainian peace talks, Joan Rivers obituary



"Boy, the world's not in a very good state!"

Reality Check: The challenges facing NATO, the book that is shocking France

"The Islamic State is self-sufficient"

Reality Check: Islamic State beheads another journalist, Obama in Estonia

A re-heating of the Cold War?

Reality Check: Russia and NATO, British activist on trial in Thailand

Arming the Kurds

Reality Check: arming the Kurds, women in politics

Obama "between Iraq, and a hard place"

Reality Check: Ukraine's spiral of war, the Islamic State and the US conundrum

Prospects for peace

Reality Check: Poroshenko promises "roadmap" for peace in Ukraine, long term ceasefire agreed for Gaza

Publicity coup, or political cop-out?

Reality Check: Spindelegger resigns, the shifting targets in the Middle East

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