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Cutting to the chase


Reality Check: The power of the presidents

Ukraine talks in Geneva, Putin's motivations, presidential elections in Algeria

Reality Check: how to stop the Heartbleed

Heartbleed, Unconditional Basic Income, FPÖ, Hypo inquiry, Ebola

Rubiks Cube-Collage

Riem Higaz

Reality Check: the search narrows

Searching for MH370, Ukraine talks, Italy migration, coalition against surveillance, young scientists.

Reality Check: "discontent will increase" in Ukraine

Protests in eastern Ukraine, life as a Russian civil activist, Pistorius trial, Hungary elections, smog across Europe


Reality Check: Is anyone asking Ukraine?

Ukraine diplomacy, public opinion in the Russian Urals, Copernicus satellites, Philippines and Haiyan, Windows XP

Reality Check: If it doesn't kill you, it's not torture

CIA torture report, turkey election protests, Central African Republic, "wishy washy" EU politics, Cure Runners

Reality Check: NATO and the Ukraine crisis

NATO meeting on Ukraine, has the EU let Ukraine down? Obamacare deadline, digital diplomacy, Rechnitz

Reality Check: "Severe, pervasive and irreversible"

Climate change report, Turkey elections, France elections, Ukraine presidential race, migrant domestic workers in Britain.

Death Chamber in Texas


Reality Check: Iran and Iraq on "killing spree"

Amnesty International death penalty report, Egypt and the world as Al Sisi prepares for the presidency, ebola outbreak in West Africa, wrongful convictions in the USA

Reality Check: Transnistria - the next Crimea?

Transnistria and Russia, Syrian civil war, 100 days Sebastian Kurz, Central African Republic, Nadeem Aslam on Islam

Luftverschmutzung in Asien, Verkehrsszene


Reality Check: the end of the wait, but no closure

Anger over MH370, Xi Jinping in Europe, investigating the Hypo, Romania's brain-drain

The Imam and the Pastor

A tale of bloody conflict, reconciliation, and peace making

Migration ten times higher than last year

Ukraine and Crimea, Hypo Alpe Adria, Italy migration crisis, Russell Brand.

Russian flags fly above a Ukranian military unit in Sevastopol.


Reality Check: Crimea "could get ugly"

Ukranian troops under pressure in Sevastopol, missing Malaysian plane, the NSA and Mystic, Veneuzela's protest movement, Nadeem Aslam

Reality Check: "Russia needs a stake in Europe"

Russia and sanctions, Putin and Crimea, Syria civil war, Big Bang, TTIP debate

feiernde Russen auf der Krim


Reality Check: People in Kiev "scared shitless"

Ukraine seems set to split, missing Malaysian plane, Slovakia elections, Technik Queens

Rising tension ahead of Crimea vote

Reality Check: EU-Russia sanctions, reparation for slavery, Turkey funeral, 25 years www, missing Malaysian plane

Japan three years on

Reality Check: Tsunami 3rd anniversary, rebels seize Libyan oil ports, seed sovereignty, Malaysian plane disappearance, earthquake lights

Angehöriger eines Passagiers des vermissten Flugzeugs von Malaysia


The "unprecedented mystery" of the missing plane

Reality Check: Malaysia's missing airliner, 10th anniversary of Madrid attack, Salzburg elections, TTIP, saving elephants from poachers

Ukraine: only economic sanctions will have any effect

Reality Check: Ukraine EU summit, why Ukrainians want change, Afghan election preview, Kosovo creates national army, porn and education

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