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Cutting to the chase


Auschwitz remembers

Reality Check: 70th anniversary of Auschwitz liberation, Ukraine UNHCR, Litvinenko inquiry, West Bank economy.


Meeting in the middle

Greece election results, reaction from Brussels, asylum procedure, Boston bomber trial postponed, discovering Pluto

Alexis Tsipras

Greece at the turning point?

Reality Check: Greek elections, death of King Abdullah, winning the ebola battle, quantitative easing and the ECB, blue energy

Alexis Tsipras

"The end of politics as we know it"

Reality Check: the pending political earthquake, State of the Union address, the rise of Boko Haram, death of Argentine prosecutor, 1000+ coffees and karaoke in North Korea.

Shinzo Abe

Japanese hostages next in line?

Reality Check: Boots on the ground and Japanese hostages in Iraq, Libya and its oil, TTIP, Armenia shooting, avalanche safety.

Pegida-Organisator Lutz Bachmann

PEGIDA's Bachmann threatened by Islamic State

Reality Check: Pegida marches cancelled, closing Guantanamo, Indonesia and the death penalty, the 1% set to own over 50%, "Wahid will bleiben".

Satellitenbilder, die die Zerstörung und das Massaker der Boko Haram im Norden Nigerias zeigen

Assessing the devastation of Boko Haram

Reality Check: Boko Haram images, secularism in France, Sri Lanka, racism laws in Australia, free climbing record

Soldaten, mehr Sicherheitspersonal in Frankreich

Tackling the terror threat

Reality Check: fighting terrorism with security, ban on gay adoption ruled unconstitutional, Ukraine violence increasing, Hypo investigation vote, Oscar Bronner on Charlie Hebdo

Vladimir Putin

Be careful what you wish for!

Reality Check: the risks of a post-Putin Russia, unity rally in Vienna, the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo attacks and the far right, the surge in Boku Haram violence in Nigeria

Vigils are being held across France and around the world

The Hebdo manhunt

Reality Check: Charlie Hebdo developments and analysis, Russia restricts driving licences, Greece and the EU, discovering Earth-like planets

Je suis charlie

Je suis Charlie Hebdo

Reality Check: Charlie Hebdo attacks, "Grexit", the USA's oldest time capsule

Frontlicht von K.I.T.T.

Time to get off your KITT... and meet Jack!

Reality Check: The self-driving car at the CES, suicide attack in Istanbul, Lebanon restricts Syrian refugees, 20 years of Austria in the EU

Al-Baghdadi is the leader of the self proclaimed "Islamic State"

The group formerly known as Islamic State

Reality Check: major blow to I.S. at Mt Sinjar, terrorism and the family, Tusk talking tough on Russia, presidential election in Tunisia, the nature of compassion


"This is MASSIVE!"

USA and Cuba restore diplomatic relations, Tunisian revolution 4 years on, mass graves found in eastern Syria, Martin Habacher on the importance of personal assistants.


Pakistan's spiral of deadly violence

Reality Check: Peshawar school attack, Greece presidential election, Jeb Bush to run for president, crash of the rouble, Sony hackers' threat

Ein Blumenstrauß

Feeling the bite of the lone wolf

Reality Check: Sydney attacker, Dresden PEGIDA marches, the end of the road for white rhinos, South Sudan, Carsi Ultras trial

Jean-Claude Juncker

EU Commission creates a bad atmosphere

Reality Check: Will a "day of silence" lead to new talks on Ukraine? Also: EU Commission scraps anti-pollution plans, SeaWorld C.E.O. resigns, Amnesty International letterwriting, talking books for Ghana.

Al-Baghdadi is the leader of the self proclaimed "Islamic State"

Bargaining with Baghdadi

Reality Check: Lebanon detains Islamic State leader's ex-wife and daughter, political activism in Azerbaijan, people smuggling - crime or mercy mission? Anti-Orban protests in Hungary, "Private Revolutions"


Pope's "ground breaking" speech in Turkey

Reality Check: Pope in Turkey, Maidan leader Yelyzaveta Schepetylnykova, Black Friday protests, Austria's jihadis, reporting on the Iran talks


Iran Nuclear Talks: part success, part failure

Reality Check: Iran Talks, Ferguson decision, Regin, Team Stronach, MEMO project

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