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Cutting to the chase


Pope's "ground breaking" speech in Turkey

Reality Check: Pope in Turkey, Maidan leader Yelyzaveta Schepetylnykova, Black Friday protests, Austria's jihadis, reporting on the Iran talks



Iran Nuclear Talks: part success, part failure

Reality Check: Iran Talks, Ferguson decision, Regin, Team Stronach, MEMO project


Life-changing law for "mixed status" families in US

US immigration impact, Norwegian fjord toxic waste threat, Mexico protests, Ukraine 1st anniversary, Doron Rabinovici

North Korea - so unpredictable, it's predictable

Reality Check: North Korea, protecting webcams, US immigration reforms, Austrian school reforms, beating HIV by 2030

Synagogue attack: a "spark" to reignite the violence?

Reality Check: Jerusalem synagogue attack, Russian attitude to sanctions, state of emergency in Missouri, Austria's asylum talks, "EU 30" climate targets

Junger Mann vor einem Lastwagen


Islamic State: "a bit rattled" by airstrikes

Reality Check: Islamic State video, bird 'flu outbreak, Romania's new president and his home town of Sibiu, Afghan-Pakistan relations.

Jerusalem: "very tense"

Reality Check: escalation in Israel, Myanmar's stalled reforms, German rail strike, France drones, Erdogan's palace

Ebola: "The healthcare system is breaking down"

Reality Check: Ebola legacy, falling oil prices, US mid-term results, Razan Ghazzawi

The 4 billion dollar yawn?

Reality Check: US mid-term elections, access to medicines week, Kiev reaction to eastern Ukraine, campaign to end statelessness, Syria's civil war.

"A vote held under the gun-barrels of militants"

Eastern Ukraine elections, cyber security, Virgin Galactic crash, UK and the EU.

Backdowns from Bukina Faso to Budapest

Burkina Faso, Ebola controversy, Temple Mount tensions, Hungary delays Internet tax, Russia's "nowhere men"

Yehuda Glick


The unholy row over the holiest site

Temple Mount/Haram el-Sharif, Egypt buffer zone, Tunisia elections, Islamgesetz, Stammtisch app



The key point of Kobane

Reality Check: Peshmerga prepare for Kobane, US-Israel relations, US mid-term elections, Cambodia's Phare circus, social acceleration.

40 percent is not enough, but it's a good start

Reality Check: EU climate agreement, Mexico governor resigns, Ukraine election preview, mercenaries and the military, managing space.

Die Nationalflagge Kanadas mit einem roten Ahornblatt.


Canada attacks: looking for connections

Reality Check: Canada terror attacks, Egypt under al-Sisi. EU climate summit, satellites for the people, opening up southern Rotterdam.

"They will not make Australia home"

Reality Check: EU talks on ebola, Australia's asylum problem, Mexico student disappearances, Austria's shrinking army, hunger in Argentina

The best hope for an independent Kurdistan?

Reality Check: Why Islamic State is uniting the Kurds, Mi Bospo, Hong Kong and Beijing, ebola drugs, reviving Romania

Papst Franziskus


Bishops "speak their own minds" over homosexuality

Reality Check: Vatican softens gay policy, ebola transmissions, UK vote on Palestine, Hypotopia, Roma in Romania.


Red Cross

Protecting the medics fighting ebola

Turkey US military bases, Ebola protection, Rebuilding Gaza, Bosnia

Screening for ebola

Reality Check: ebola screening, Thailand murders, Hong Kong update, international law, Romanian Autumn anniversary

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