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Cutting to the chase


Hillary about to "claw her way back"?

Reality Check: New Hampshire primaries, the situation on Lesbos, France's anti-terror plans, choosing the Secretary General of the United Nations.

Männer mit Maschinengewehren und in schwarzer Tarnkleidung

"A clear and present danger in 6 to 12 months"

Reality Check: The growth of Islamic State/Daesh in Libya, al-Shabab, Turkey refugees, North Korea rocket, Myanmar presidency.


The wider risks of the refugee crisis

Reality Check. Why the refugee crisis could threaten Middle East stability, Germany's money laundering measures, Hong Kong's "disappearing" booksellers, the dangers of the lack of shipping controls, why trade in bees is wiping them out.


Daesh "has pulled the tail of the French cockerel"

Reality Check: mourning, military response and the Molenbeek connection

Francois Hollande

Paris: "The conflict no longer has borders"

Today, the world is a different place. Last night's attacks by the Islamic State group in Paris have changed the the map and opened a new chapter in the "war on terror".

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Jihadi John

The fall of "Jihadi John"

Jihadi John, Beirut bombs, Austria fence, Myanmar election results, EU lobbying

kurdish peshmerga

Sinjar: "interdicting the supply route"

Reality Check: the battle for Sinjar, Malta conference day 2, Burundi violence, Greece general strike, Share the Meal

Flüchtlingskinder auf dem Marsch

Why refugee relocation has to succeed

Reality Check: Valetta migration conference, relocating refugees, doping in sport, Helmut Schmidt obit, Daniel Sloss


I.S. Claims "are feasible"

Reality Check: Did Islamic State bomb Russian airliner? US-China tensions, a new Rome Mafia, Romania protests continue, the northern route for asylum seekers

Thousands of Afghans arrive in Austria hoping to asylum, but more and more will be disappointed, under the new laws.

"It's not where you come from, but where you can return to"

Reality Check: Afghan Asylum Seekers, Yitzhak Rabin anniversary, Romanian government resigns, Norway gay marriage, Paris pollution

Protestierende Frau

Syria talks "absurd" without Syria's presence

Reality Check: Syria talks, Portuguese government crisis, Turkey elections, North Korea forced labour, unemployment in Austria


Germany plans 50 refugees per hour limit

Reality Check: Refugees on the Austria-Germany border, Poland election results, losing the permafrost, Iranian involvement in Syria, the man on show in the zoo


Spielfeld needs "more helping hands"

Reality Check: Chaos in Spielfeld, Kiron University, Netanyahu stirs up outrage, El Nino, taste and personality

Männer am Tempelberg

Israel: "The forces of destruction are stronger"

Reality Check: Violence in Israel, Canadian elections, Refugees in Lesbos, On the Road with refugees in the Balkans


Afghan forces "not up to the job"

Reality Check: US extends troop deployment in Afghanistan, life in Cuba, Manfred Nowak calls for single EU policy on refugees, refugees and human trafficking, saving the British hedgehog

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton: "THE Democratic candidate"

Reality Check: Democratic debate, reporting from Syria's front line, Jerusalem attacks, moss for Mars, Transgender parents

Eine rote und eine blaue Zahl

The slow slide of the SPÖ

Reality Check: Vienna election analysis, Turkey terror attack, UK launches "Britain Stronger in Europe" campaign, designing your dream bike

Russisches Kriegsschiff

"A new Russian army"

Reality Check: Putin's Syria policy, endangered cacti, Yemen, EU migrant meeting, John Peel "Good Night and Good Riddance"


The "Operation Sophia" paradox

Reality Check: Operation Sophia, Russian stragegy in Syria, Pass Egal Wahl, growing meat, Chernobyl wildlife


The US "routine" of mass shootings

Reality Check: Oregon shooting, African youth, Syria Samuel Schubert, Kunduz AI, Ukraine music

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