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Cutting to the chase


Obama "between Iraq, and a hard place"

Reality Check: Ukraine's spiral of war, the Islamic State and the US conundrum


Prospects for peace

Reality Check: Poroshenko promises "roadmap" for peace in Ukraine, long term ceasefire agreed for Gaza

Publicity coup, or political cop-out?

Reality Check: Spindelegger resigns, the shifting targets in the Middle East

Quelle surprise!

Reality Check: French government resigns, Islamic State takes key Syrian airbase

When asylees become jihadis

Reality Check: Austrian jihadis, Holder in Ferguson

US "appalled" by Islamic State video

Reality Check: Islamic State beheading video, Alois Stöger



No end in sight in Ferguson stand off

Reality Check: Ferguson riots, Islamic State threat to USA


How soon is "soon"?

Reality Check: Assange to leave embassy, Gaza peace talks

The controversial convoy

Reality Check: Ukraine, arming the Kurds



Undermining the Islamic State

Reality Check: Military options in Iraq, UN calling for peace in South Sudan

Controversy over Russian aid for Ukraine

Reality Check: Russian aid convoy, who is Haier al-Abadi

Don't underestimate the old Al Qaeda

Reality Check: The Islamic State and Al Qaeda, Al Maliki clinging to power

The threat facing Iraq's Yazidis

Reality Check: US to intervene in Iraq, Presidential elections in Turkey



The children who are giving Obama a headache

Reality Check: US immigration, happiness equation

Ebola: the truth about the "secret serum"

Reality Check: Ebola, Rosetta

More sanctions on Moscow - but who will be hit?

Reality Check: Russia sanctions, Kosovo war crimes

Gaza "under siege"

Reality Check: Israel wants Gaza "demilitarized", US accuses Russia of nuclear missile tests

The dangers surrounding MH17

Reality Check: increasing instability in Eastern Ukraine, Libya sees worst violence since overthrow of Gaddafi

Palestinian "day of rage" as emotions run high

Reality Check: West Bank anti-Israel protests, "unofficial" aid arrives in Syria.

MH17 "crash site is vast"

Reality Check: MH17, FPÖ nominates Maximillian Kraus as vice-president of Vienna Stadtschulrat

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