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Cutting to the chase


Yes, it was a "no". Now what?

Greek referendum reactions in Brussels and Athens, Iran talks, Transcendental meditation

Männer mit Maschinengewehren und in schwarzer Tarnkleidung

"I will get your head!" - Life under Islamic State

A story of repression, defiance, and the secret importance of red shoes.

Flagge Griechenlands und eine Euro-Münze

Greece: "It'a a waiting game"

Reality Check: Greece heads towards referendum, BP strikes deal on Deepwater Horizon, Syrian refugees' stories and fears


Sinai Province a threat to the region

Reality Check: Sinai Province attacks, China's climate pledges, Ebola resurgence, violence against women in Turkey, dizzying developments in Greece

Demo in Athen

Greece on the brink?

Reality Check: Greece in arrears, migration with dignity, Hungary's illiberal democracy, the colour of butterflies

Italiens Ministerpräsident Matteo Renzi

Renzi: "European values are not based on budgets"

EU migration summit, EU values, France terror attack, Obamacare, tracking dolphins


"Britain is, in their minds, an El Dorado"

Reality Check: Calais migrants, Dutch climate ruling, Inside the Islamic State, Iran nuclear talks, Liberia and Ebola

Jacques Chirac

Quelle horreur! Quelle surprise.

Reality Check: France spying scandal, women's issues in Turkey, the Second Arab awakening, the Confederate flag controversy

Daumen hoch!

Denmark result "a great boost for Cameron"

Reality Check: Danish elections, migration to Europe, Charleston shooting, Patriot park, Jewish communities in Europe

Die Hand des Papstes

Protecting the planet "a moral duty"

Reality Check: The Pope and climate change, Global 2000 Fairness Run, Hungarian wall, the changes of a Grexit, Rachel Dolezal

Eine Rakete

Putin gets what Putin wants - or does he?

Reality Check: Russia's increasing arsenal, the Greek dilemma, Hong Kong debates electoral reform, the threat posed by the Belo Monte dam, the "Fasten, Teilen, Helfen" Ramadan project

Ein weißer Turban

Al-Bashir avoids arrest - but it's not all bad

Reality Check: South Africa fails to detain Al Bashir, EU refugee crisis, the battle on the Turkish border, South Korea phone monitoring, Jeb Bush joins the race

Mokhtar Belmokhtar

"It isn't just about Islamic State"

Mokhtar Belmokhtar, Migrants, economy and environment Jakob Uexküll, Hungary and nuclear power, EuroPride Riga

Andreas Lubitz

Germanwings: Peers are the best protection

Reality Check: Germanwings investigation, tribute to Christopher Lee, Yemen talks, Bilderberg conference, dinosaur discoveries

'If you come to Hungary, do not take the Hungarians' jobs!' says the poster

Hungary's bizarre billboard battle

Reality Check: Hungarian poster wars, African stereotypes, Azerbaijan and the European Games, Loving Day


Can anything stop Islamic State?

Syria and Assad, Islamic State in Saudi Arabia, MERS, Curfew on women in Banda Aceh, cycling in Riga

G7 Gipfel

Greenpeace: G7 good, but not good enough

Reality Check: G7 Greenpeace, G7 analysis, Sonja Ablinger and SPÖ, Hamas-Egypt, Raif Badawi

Pro-Kurdish HDP supporters celebrate winning their first parliamentary seats

Turkey: "a political earthquake"

Reality Check: Turkey elections, prosthetic leg that "feels", Mexico elections, climate doom, water for Africa.

Armenische Sängerin am ESC

The many messages at Eurovision

Reality Check: Eurovision and politics, Egypt sexual assaults, Tunisia media, Afghan trial, OMV and Croatia

Ex-Präsident Ägyptens Mohammed Mursi

Morsi: more powerful as a martyr than alive?

Reality Check: Morsi gets death sentence, IS takes Ramadi, Macedonia protests, Democracy in Decline

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