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Cutting to the chase


Canada attacks: looking for connections

Reality Check: Canada terror attacks, Egypt under al-Sisi. EU climate summit, satellites for the people, opening up southern Rotterdam.

"They will not make Australia home"

Reality Check: EU talks on ebola, Australia's asylum problem, Mexico student disappearances, Austria's shrinking army, hunger in Argentina

The best hope for an independent Kurdistan?

Reality Check: Why Islamic State is uniting the Kurds, Mi Bospo, Hong Kong and Beijing, ebola drugs, reviving Romania

Papst Franziskus


Bishops "speak their own minds" over homosexuality

Reality Check: Vatican softens gay policy, ebola transmissions, UK vote on Palestine, Hypotopia, Roma in Romania.


Red Cross

Protecting the medics fighting ebola

Turkey US military bases, Ebola protection, Rebuilding Gaza, Bosnia

Screening for ebola

Reality Check: ebola screening, Thailand murders, Hong Kong update, international law, Romanian Autumn anniversary

India's new broom aims to sweep clean

Reality Check: India's clean up, Turkey votes on military action against IS, Pacific walrus crisis, Panashe Cigumadzi, university rankings

Matthew Ho

Matthew Ho

Turbulent times in Hong Kong

Reality Check: Hong Kong protests, "Sentinal" satellite programme, Turkey's concerns with Islamic State militants, the new EU Commission, university fees.

Trying to heal divides

Reality Check: Syria's diverse opposition, Hong Kong protests, Ukraine and EU membership, the benefits of an aging population, birds and dinosaurs


Islamic State: Afghanistan reloaded?

Reality Check: Obama's speech to the United Nations, Cameron to join airstrikes, Right Livelihood Awards, Roma in Eastern Ukraine, Chess in Armenia



Assad "attempting to save face"

Reality Check: Air strikes on Syria, Iraq refugees, UN climate conference, Inequality and the 1%, the health time bomb

Together forever?

Reality Check: Scotland "no" vote, new whaling regulations, ebola in Liberia, FragNebenAn

Alex Salmond's thumb


Should Scotland be an independent country? Yes/No

Scotland votes, Russian policy in Ukraine - Lev Gudkov, Australia terror raids, European Spring.

"An epidemic, of the likes we have not seen before"

Reality Check: Obama and ebola, Austria climate report, what if Scotland votes "yes", Arab women, a trip to Uranus.

F Hollande


Operations should start quickly: ideally tomorrow

Reality Check: The coalition against Islamic State extremists, Austria's struggle against jihadis, Swedish elections, Scottish independence, a personal view from Ukraine.

John Kerry

EPA/Dan Kitwood

Kerry's "coalition of the willing"

Reality Check: Coalition against the Islamic State, Catalan independence rally, future of Austrian Airlines, Armenia and Ukraine, Pistorius verdict



US "has gone through 360°" on Syria

Reality Check: US comes full circle on Syria, World Suicide Prevention Day, UK party leaders head to Scotland, the new European Commission, Women in Games conference.

"Everything screams air defence missile"

Reality Check: MH17 report, sanctions against Russia, Iraq's new government, re-radicalising Islamic radicals, water for Gaza.

Och AYE, the NO!

Reality Check: Who is for and against Scottish independence, hopes of an ebola vaccine, Ukraine's ceasefire, mental health crisis among Syrian refugees

The difficult path to peace in Ukraine

Reality Check: Ukrainian peace talks, Joan Rivers obituary

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