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Cutting to the chase

Putin "has to make a choice"

Reality Check: Russian media view of MH17, Hamas prisoner claim

Landkarte der Nahost-Region


"This war... could well get worse"

Reality Check: The disintegration of Iraq, a revolutionary way to clear plastic from the oceans.

Jugendliche weint

EPA/Abir Sultan

Israel is in mourning

Reality Check: Israel vows retaliation against Hamas, Iraqi reaction to Islamic State

The Caliphate: Bush and Blair's worst nightmare

Reality Check: ISIS declares Islamic State, Facebook scandal.

Ukraine goes full circle

Reality Check: Ukraine signs EU association agreement, US aid for Syrian rebels, Israel names kidnapping suspects, Techniqueens winners, the psychology of sports fans

Tusk survives scandal

Reality Check: Tusk wins vote of confidence, attack on MSF in CAR, Cameron and the EU, cracks in ISIS, flying cars

South Stream - solution or problem?

Reality Check: South Stream deal, making tax transparent, Pakistan deadly plane attack, ebola "out of control", sexual assaults in Egypt


Ria Novosty

"We need to talk"

Putin in Vienna EU far right fail, ISIS and oil, Kerry and the Kurds, UK radical smoking ban

The strength of ISIS

Reality Check: Why ISIS is seemingly unstoppable, UK anti-austerity march, Al Jazeera verdict, children recruited in Syrian civil war, Berlin's House of One

51 million refugees, 51 million stories

Reality Check: Iraq refugees, World Refugee Day - Roger Winner, Iraq and US, Iran nuclear talks, Pacific marine protection


The intelligence gap

Reality Check: Iraq intelligence, Julian Assange, Erdogan in Austria, WildLeaks, Traffic Droid

Iraq: "makes other world crises look quite small"

Reality Check: Iraq, Thai prawn industry, Turkey-Austria, Malala play, Jon Gnarr

Iraq: "the far enemy" about to return?

Iraq loses control of the north, India "rape hangings", Hypo legislations pressures credit ratings, UNHCR on migrants to the EU, Myanmar minorities

Angelina Jolie


Ending sexual violence in war

Karachi Taliban attack, sexual violence in conflict, cave rescue, Martin Habacher, Turing test

Soldat am D-Day


D-Day remembered

Reality Check: D-Day anniversary, fundamental rights report, Kazakh ambassador arrested in Vienna, flood damage in Bosnia, water billboards in Lima

Bowe Bergdahl


Reality Check: The G8, minus 1

G7 and Russia, Graz imam, Taliban video, Neusiedlersee soda lakes, Lutz Kleveman

Assad an der Wahlurne


Assad "consolidating his gains"

Reality Check: Syria presidential elections; Spain abdication; Palestinian unity government; Oxfam warning on South Sudan; Into the Blue - Austria

FIFA fiasco - is Blatter to blame?

Reality Check: FIFA corruption, Toilets for People, USA cutting carbon emissions, Taliban prisoner release, Connecting People

Order! Order!! The EU Code of Conduct

Egypt election aftermath, Russia-Ukraine, EU code of conduct, being the Dalai Lama's sister

Where next, for the USA?

Reality Check: Juncker and the EU, USA and Afghanistan, Egypt elections extended, Snowden interview, spurious correlations

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