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FM4 House of Pain - Playlist vom 4.10.2017

Mastodon Blue Walsh
Queens Of The Stone Age The Evil has landed
Mark Lanegan Nocturne
King Dude Holy Christos
Brant Bjork Luvin
Melvins Cardboa Negro
Lo! Litmus Beings
Unsane aberration
Belphegor The Devil´s Son
Black Inhale The Pessimist
Kataklysm Thy Serpent´s Tongue
Satyricon Dissonant
Paradise Lost Shrines
Laibach Die Unschuld II
BASEMENT SHOW w/ Alex Augustin
Melt Banana He Says Drink Or Die, I Say Drink And Puke
DIVES Shrimp
White Manna Keep Your Lantern Burning
BRUCH The Jester's Crown
BRUCH Hunger
Aivery Long Shot
Protomartyr The Chuckler
Operation Cherrytree Colourful Bird
Chelsea Wolfe Static Hum
Jessica Lea Mayfield Bum
Primus The Scheme
Voyager Ghost Mile
Stone Sour Knievel has Landed
Mick Jagger England´s Lost
Wolves In The Throne Room Born From The Serpent´s Eye


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