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Two Strategies and a Celebration

Reality Check: what is Putin's Ukraine strategy, what does Boko Haram want, and Malta passes same-sex partnership and adoption laws.

Afghane mit Gewehr


The Dawn of Democracy in Afghanistan?

Less burkas, more headscarves, less warlords, more the will of the people?

Ein SChimpanse

Cleve Hicks

A Mega-Culture Club in the Congo?

Reality Check: Syria Geneva II talks, Hypo Alpo Adria solution, Russian violent homophobia, American football gay tolerance, and mega-chimp culture found.

Mann umarmt Mädchen, Filmplakat "Book Thief"


The Book Thief

Markus Zusak, author of the bestselling novel "The Book Thief" gives FM4 a Reality Check on the journey from Australia to Hollywood via WW2 Germany and Austria.



Twisting the Knife

Cairo burns and Egypt is torn on the third anniversary of the popular uprising meant to bring democracy.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie


The Tony Soprano of US Politics

Reality Check today: the EU and CAR, AI and Sochi, the CES in Las Vegas, A scandal in New Jersey, and the Lindy Hop in Wien.

Sunni Fighter


The Fall and Fall and Fall of Fallujah

Reality Check today: sectarian violence in Iraq, a crackdown on gay rights in Uganda, Turkey in disarray, and a major security clamp down in Sochi

Logo der NSA


That's Edward Snowden's Point

Reality Check: NSA surveillance unconstitutional, Yanukovich in Moscow, PROSA, the business of piracy on the high seas, and homelessness in Austria.

I Can Haz Government?

Reality Check: Austria has a new-ish government, Australia did a U-Turn when it comes to same-sex marriage, Ukraine pro-EU protests continue, violence continues in the Central African Republic, an update on Syria



Shop 'Til You Drop

A Reality Check Saturday Special: Buy Nothing Day highlights the perils of over-consumption and ideas on how to purchase only what you need but still get everything you want.

catherine Ashton


What a deal!

Reality Check: Iran welcomes nuclear deal, Egypt's new protest law, Ukraine pro-EU demonstration, Moldova's pro-EU stance, and a campaign to end violence against women.

Team Austria

THK Team

Bright Young Things

Reality Check Special: Four teenagers represent Austria at the International Science Expo 2013 in Abu Dhabi.

Angela Merkel


Angie's Phone

Reality Check: Did the NSA bug Merkel's handy, will the EU leaders gathering at a summit talk about anything other than that, are the Greenpeace 30 hooligans, is transparency a good thing during coalition talks, and how do you identify victims of human trafficking?

one of the seven accused of neo nazi activities and various other crimes, Landesgericht Wels


Tattoo Removal is a First Step

Reality Check: The 'Objekt 21 trial' regarding neo-nazi activity starts in Upper Austria, the far-right Greek party Golden Dawn loses state funding, Team Stronach loses Monika Lindner, some good news for biodiversity, and a campaign that will restore your faith in humanity - "Emergency Smile"


Zlu Haller

My Reality: The Stephan Skrobar Edition

Last May, four Austrian freeskiers and two cameramen went to the Tavan Bogd mountain range bordering Mongolia, China and Russia to hike remote peaks and ski untouched lines.



Alternative Behaviour

Reality Check: The new Iranian President tweets and talks calmly, Chinese elites have trouble with accountability, alternative Nobel Prizes are handed out, Greeks want to 'crush the Nazis', and the European bison is back baby!

G20 Gipfel in Russland


A War of Words

Reality Check: Syria is set to dominate the G20 Summit starting in St. Petersburg today while the UNHCR needs less talk and more money for Syria's 2 million refugees.


Anger and Politics

Reality Check: the consequences of the recent deadly clashes in Egypt, the Japanese political sphere twirls towards the right.

Egyptian security forces during the clearing of one of the two sit-ins of ousted president Morsi supporters, at Nahda square, near Cairo University (seen in background), Cairo, Egypt, 14 August 2013


Plumes of Smoke

Reality Check: pro-Morsi protest camps in Cairo are cleared by the Egyptian military, a submarine catches fire and sinks off the coast of Mumbai, India.

Robert Mugabe


'Mad Bob' and the Rock

Reality Check: 87 year-old Robert Mugabe is set to rule Zimbabwe until he's 94, Gibraltar is the monkey-in-the-middle between Spain and Britain

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