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Steve Crilley

God, what's happening in the world! A reality check on the web.

Ukraine's pact with the EU

A piece of paper Yanukovych refused to sign. Reality Check looks at Ukraine's pact with the EU, ratified today in Brussels & Kiev.

Gaza Ceasefire

A Reality Check on what's happening in the Middle East.

"Mobility on Demand"

Helsinki is rethinking traditional ways of getting around the city.

Western Sahara

Reality Check takes up the story of a forgotten conflict.

Land Mines and Floods

Reality Check on how nature in reaping additional havoc on a legacy of the Balkan Wars.

The end of the world's biggest voting race

Reality Check & India's marathon election.

Men armed with swords and baseball bats

Reality Check contemplates the breakdown in law and order in Ukraine's Wild East.

Egypt and those death sentences

Reality Check tracks the shock and anger outside an Egyptian court today.

Reality Check: First Twitter, now YouTube

Turkish PM Erdogan, social networks & elections; Ukraine; Tartars; Freedom of Information; art restitution.

"Cyprus" auf einem Demoschild


Reality Check Special

A difficult year in the life of Cyprus: An island that remains in “intensive care”.

Rohingya People Of Myanmar


The Rohingya People of Myanmar

According to the UN, one of the most persecuted minorities in the world.

Who controls Crimea?

Reality Check: Where imperial powers fight their battles.



Ukraine Clashes.

Reality Check: A dangerous situation just became deadly.

Michael Spindelegger


What's going on behind closed doors within the ÖVP?

Political watcher Thomas Hofer gives us his insight. Also we head to Bangkok to catch up on protests there.

Austria's new government sworn in

But what about the protests outside the Hofburg?

JFK's assassination, an eye-witness account

Julian Read was in the White House motorcade as President John F. Kennedy was shot in Dallas. He was also one of the first to address the world's media about the unfolding drama. He spoke with Reality Check's Steve Crilley.



The NSA cracking internet encryption?

Ed Snowden's revelations alleging that America and Britain's spy agancies have been cracking encryption technology. Computer security expert Graham Cluley tells Reality Check more.

Sylvia walks to school

Trying to get an education can be dangerous.

Klubrádió saved!

A critical voice of the conservative Fidesz government in Hungary has finally been allowed to retain its radio license.

Beppe Grillo Actionfigur


Broken Italy!

But what impact will a comedian have in these Italian elections? Reality Check heads to Rome.

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