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God, what's happening in the world! A reality check on the web.


The hostage standoff. Reality Check on how vulnerable Australians feel to terrorist acts?

Press Freedom Award 2014

The journalists and commentators who keep us informed of the situation in Greece are being honoured in Vienna today. Reality Check finds out more.

Anger in New York

Reality Check on the case of Eric Garner as another American police force's actions and accountability are called into question.

ISIS & Iran

With reports of Iranian fighter jets targeting ISIS, Reality Check asks is this a game changer?

South Stream

Reality Check on how the cancellation of the South Stream Pipeline Project by Vladimir Putin will affect Austria.

Moldova turning west

Reality Check asks could Moldova become the next flashpoint with Russia?



OPEC and the ever sinking oil price

Reality Check on how world politics is being re-aligned in Vienna.

Ferguson and beyond

What next after another night of rioting? Reality Check asks political commentator James Boys.

Ukraine's pact with the EU

A piece of paper Yanukovych refused to sign. Reality Check looks at Ukraine's pact with the EU, ratified today in Brussels & Kiev.

Gaza Ceasefire

A Reality Check on what's happening in the Middle East.

"Mobility on Demand"

Helsinki is rethinking traditional ways of getting around the city.

Western Sahara

Reality Check takes up the story of a forgotten conflict.

Land Mines and Floods

Reality Check on how nature in reaping additional havoc on a legacy of the Balkan Wars.

The end of the world's biggest voting race

Reality Check & India's marathon election.

Men armed with swords and baseball bats

Reality Check contemplates the breakdown in law and order in Ukraine's Wild East.

Egypt and those death sentences

Reality Check tracks the shock and anger outside an Egyptian court today.

Reality Check: First Twitter, now YouTube

Turkish PM Erdogan, social networks & elections; Ukraine; Tartars; Freedom of Information; art restitution.

"Cyprus" auf einem Demoschild


Reality Check Special

A difficult year in the life of Cyprus: An island that remains in “intensive care”.

Rohingya People Of Myanmar


The Rohingya People of Myanmar

According to the UN, one of the most persecuted minorities in the world.

Who controls Crimea?

Reality Check: Where imperial powers fight their battles.

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