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God, what's happening in the world! A reality check on the web.


"The sound of the explosions ...

the stun grenades, the fighting that was not too far away". David Stern in Kiev and others, remember the height of the Maidan Square protests two years ago in Reality Check.

Veganer Burger


Wanna know which country has the highest percentage of vegans, in relation to its population? Surprise, surprise … it’s .....Reality Check finds out where and why

Donald Trump

Trump vs Fox News

Polls have him almost poised to take the prize of Iowa as Donald Trump opens old wounds with Fox News. Conservative insider Ramesh Ponnuru, tells Reality Check what's going on.


We know it’s out there somewhere!

Reality Check looks into Caltech's discovery of Planet 9.

Sarah Palin

She's back!

But does she matter in 2016? Sarah Palin stumping for the Trump on Reality Check.

Landkarte des Kongo

Cobalt killer

Children mining cobalt for our smartphone batteries? Reality Check speaks with Amnesty International.

Frau in Schwarz

Iran, post sanctions

What will this new era mean for Iranians? Jörg Winter explains more on Reality Check.

Bryan Stevenson

"There's a whole community of people, who are literally dying for legal assitance"

Reality Check with Bryan Stevenson, from the Equal Justice Initiative.

Frau mit Handy


what did the people tell politicians at the weekend? Reality Check heads to Madrid.

Frau auf Liegerad am Eis

Cycling to the South Pole

Reality Check meets Guiness World Record Holder, Maria Leijerstam.

Flüchtlinge im REgen


The Story of Refugees. Reality Check on people's stories of journeying through Greece & the Balkans to Western Europe.

Libysche Studentin


A divided country with two competing governments. Reality Check on the chances of a new peace deal finally succeeding.

Logo Human Rights Watch

It's International Human Rights Day.

Reality Check speaks with Fred Abrahams of Human Rights Watch about the work of special investigators.

Ruins of buldings in the old city of Homs


A ceasefire, but does it tell us anything? Reality Check speaks with Dr. Taha Rajab who's originally from Homs.

Türkischer Präsident Erdogan

A lack of cool heads in a crisis....

Reality Check looks at Turkey's Erdogan and Russia's Putin, trading accusations.

Ahmet Davutoglu

That deal between Ankara & Brussels...

....but Reality Check looks into what it really means for refugees and for the people of Turkey.

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Goldene Pistole

The spectre of real spying

Does the British Secret Service give its spies a licence to kill? A Reality Check on what goes on in spying agencies in 2015.....

OP im Kunduz

17 minutes...

Reality Check on why it took so long for the US military to pass on a message that could have saved the lives of 30 doctors, nurses and patients at an MSF hospital in Kunduz.

Zerbrochenes Fenster der türkischen Botschaft in Moskau

You just did what?

In public, NATO members are supportive of Turkey's action in downing the Russian military jet. But Reality Check hears that, in private, things may be different....

Russisches Flugzeug detoniert

A diplomatic incident...

That was almost bound to happen! Turkey shooting down a Russian military plane. Reality Check goes Live to Istanbul.

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