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FM4 Liquid Radio - Playlist vom 26.11.2017

The Orb Chronicles (20 Years of Shitkatapult)

Orbologists Dr. Alex Paterson and Thomas Fehlmann are in their lab putting together a massive sound worm by hand for the anniversary of Berlin’s elite training ground, Shitkatapult.
A comprehensive overview of works spanning 20 years of label history. A fine, easy hour of music from the Orbital of Shitkatapult!

“The Orb Chronicles” will be released December 1, 2017.

Fenin Adeto
Bus ft. Dabrye What Is Paris
Phon.o Verborg Nie Die 6
Sami Koivikko Erisana
Cristian Vogel Telemorphosis
The Story Entertainers The Only Thing I Know
Judith Juillerat Vol-Au-Vent
Khan Of Finland H&M Freedom
Cristian Vogel Barefoot Agnete
T.Raumschmiere Nuclear Bedtime Storeis
Shrubbn Drunen
Frank Brettschneider Subharchrorded Waves
Boxtype Spin
Oval Casino
Sun Electric Toninas (Villalobos Rx)
MM Studio One Dub
Apparat Not A Number
Tom Thiel Laissez Faire
Shrubbn Echos (The Orb Rx)


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