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La Boum de Luxe - Playlist vom 27.4.2018

La boum de luxe (21.00-06.00)
mit Heinz Reich und Slack Hippy

Slack Hippy’s gemischte Platte(n). Vitamine aus dem Vinylstapel!

Slack Hippy's Weekend Warmup

Moodymann Pitch Black City Re-union Mahogani Music
The Maghreban Mr Brown R&S
Hieroglyphic Being The Red Notes ( original mix ) R&S
Stanley Schmidt & DJ Boring Stay Young Vienna
Quin2 Narcism Killed the Chameleon Nacht en Nevel
Martyn 4IW Dolly Dubs
Versalife Lapis Lazuli Transcendent
Luxus Varta Radion Broken Toys
Tenebre Jungle Frontier WNCL Recordings
Mor Elian Fairplex Drive Ram-X-11
Versalife Portomento Quints Transcendent
Martyn Body Music Dolly Dubs
303-101 Acid City ?

Die FM4 Zuckerlkettenfrau präsentiert:
Clubguide – Weggehtipps und Gästelistenplätze

Mimi Love (Kater Blau / Bachstelzen / Berlin)
kommt vor ihrem Gig bei Salon Magika im Werk live zu Interview und Warmup-Mix ins Studio.
Genres are just boxes — Mimi Love plays moods
„From the nouveau-gypsies to the bohemian clubbers; these are the ones she asks to close their eyes, open their hearts and feel the love — the Mimi Love. Influenced by the the world and people around her, her sound is electronically nomadic, and whether flaunting a hypnotic kind of pop sound or bending tempos to bring people back to earth, it always arrives with big feelings and a sincere view. This is house music for dancers who love to dance, and lovers who love to love.“

Mimi Love

Lost Moments Fluida
Mapleseed Rhinos Constantijn Lange
Delivery (Tashi Luis & Lee Jokes feat. Aquarius Heaven Remix) Sqim
Glimmer ( Extended Mix) Joseph Ashworth
Audio Animals Gab Rhome (Madmotormiquel Remix )
Scarabeus Bongbeck
Hummingbird Avasono
Feather Danito & Athina
Triglav T.M.A Idaam
Friday Ciano
Miracle Pional

23.25- 00.30
Slack Hippy
back for his monthly rundown of Bass/Breaks & Bleeps on The Dogs Bollocks . As always, strictly vinyl and with a very special guest,one of the Head Honchos from Montfont Records presenting the first release of their Label imprint from MOLEHOLE . The album is called Straight Outta Tyrol and we shall be having a listen to a couple of tracks from the Album before the guys from MOLEHOLE take over the Wheels of Steel

Dogs Bollocks Mix

Karl Lumont & Ray Kandinski Project Chicago Complet
Enjoy Just a Vibe AKOB 012
Coco Bryce Kaguya 7th Storey Projects
Nolige Siren Dub Foundation
Dust e-1 Rims Collect-Call
Digital Time Out FUNC43
Breakage Ric Flair Strut Index
Det Boi Blood Drops Metalheadz
Jonny L Piper ( Zomby Remix ) XL Recordings
Fushara Logical 7th Storey Projects

00.30- 01.30
We just presented their great album out now on Montfont Records . Here`s`s a run-down of their Bass-Driven music of choice. Straight Outta Tyrol


MoleHole Pull Up Montfort Records
Emalkay Fabrication Dub Police
MoleHole BassHaze -Montfort Records
Loop Stepwalker & Subshock Kill You Trans:verse Records
Loop Stepwalker Tyrol LU10 Records
MoleHole Mariuhana Montfort Records
MoleHole Ogan Dgan Montfort Records
Flux Pavilion Bad DJ Free Download
Sinister Souls Ascension (Loop Stepwalker Remix) Mindtrick Records
MoleHole High Headz Montfort Records
Downlink Emergency Rottun Recordings
Koan Sound Trouble In The West Inspected Records
Mark Instinct, Armani Reign & Adroa Suicide Pill Rottun Recordings
Excision & Datsik Calypso Rottun Recordings
Liquid Strangers Creepers Crawlers Rottun Recordings
Excision ft. Messinian X-Rated Rottun Recordings
Subshock Rolling Free Download
Balkansky & Loop Stepwalker Bass Surgery 0- Ad Noiseam
Loop Stepwalker & Joanna Syze Everyday Ohm Resistance
MoleHole MonoTune Montfort Records
Loop Stepwalker Overclocked Melting Pot Records
Excision & Datsik Swagga Rottun Recordings
Downlink Crippled Camel Rottun Recordings
Excision & Downlink Crowd Control Rottun Recordings
Figure & Cas One Doomsday (Ode To The Butchers And Thieves) Free Download
Agressor Bunx The Order Eatbrain
Disphonia & Kryptomedic All Ears Eatbrain
InsideInfo 82 Viper Recordings
Current Value Grip Cyberfunk
MoleHole My House Montfort Records
UNIQKID Be With You Metafiziq Recordings
MoleHole Cut That Up Montfort Records
State Of Mind & Percieve Mr. Cover Up Blackout Music

01.30 - 02.35
Evren De Conceicao
A regular on the show, this time with an amazing Electro Showcase

Evren De Conceicao

Drexciya Beyond The Abyss Submerge
Sync 24 Resynth Cultivated Electronics
Japanese Telecom Nipponese Robots Intuit Solar
D.H.S. Fascinating Tino Corp.
Dark Vektor Zetan Bio Robots We Trust
The Resonance Committee Change Cultivated Electronics
N-Ter Judgement Day Bass Frequency Productions
BFX Whatchu Need Bass Frequency Productions
Debonaire Watch Me Now Fbd Recordings
Supreme.Ja Freak (Street Version) Street Sounds
Morphology Escape Velocity Cultivated Electronics
Morphology Dark Star (The Hacker Remix) Cultivated Electronics
Dr. Schmidt The Engine Of God Machinen Music
Solitary Dancer Birth Of Saturn Graded
AUX88 Electro Slaves Transient Force
Underground Resistance Base Camp Alpha 808 Underground Resistance
Analog To Future Fresh To Death Bass Frequency Productions
Boris Divider Electronics (Miami Style) Drive Com
Bass Junkie Sub Sub Mission (Control The Bass)
Optic Nerve Techno Caribia (Interlude) Puzzlebox Records

02.35 - 03.40
A newcomer to the show and a passionate Crate-Digger
Superb selection of Housey Vibes


Korsakow Line Vision BCC Music
Lerosa Song for D Assamble Music
Glen Underground Cat N.A. Thy Trap Peacefrog
Artist Unknown Title Unknown White Label
Jovonn Trance (TRANCE DANCE MIX) Zippy Recirds
Ron Maney & Cari Lekebusch Intensity Hybrid
Roman Flügel Bibo Hardworksoftdrink
artist unknown title unknown white label
artist unknown title unknown white label
Titoton Duvante Skin on Skin Resudial Recordings
Fern Move Forward Do Easy Records
FYm Drop Tears Telegraph
Original Clique AZ67 Chill Records
Dez Williams Abandoned Emotions Cheap
Paul. W. Tebrooke Thing 1 Otherworld Recordings
artist unknown title unknown white label

03.40 - 04.30
Vicious Byrd
Another newcomer to the show and another passionate Crate-Digger
His set for tonight . Propa Techno

Vicious Byrd

Talker Behemoth Downwards
Cliche Morph Eyes on Fire Affin
Silent Servant Utopian Desaster_End Hospital Productions
Varg Faces Forever in Sight Semantca
Vatican Shadow Rubbish of the Flood Waters Ostgut Ton
Polar Inertia Floating away Fire Dement3d
Pacific Blue Industry (Silent Servant Remix) Pacific Blue
Arcing Seas Ophidian Our Circular Sound
Sev Dah Marija Bursać Porletariat
Inter Gritty Swona Random Island

04.30 – 05.45
Rewind of Slack Hippy’s
Summermixtape 2017 - a chilled out selection of music for the early bird
Tracklist here

05.45 – 06.00
Rewind Gnischrew Mix vom 6.1.2017