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La Boum de Luxe - Playlist vom 29.6.2018

Welcome back to that time of the month on La Boum De Luxe. It`s Dogs Bollocks time. A time where beats get broken, bass goes deep into the Sub range and you really should expect the unexpected .
Slack Hippy, is your host for this evening, guiding you through the night . The first hour he will be diving into his magic vinyl box and presenting the weird and the wonderful tunes he has been picking up over the last month and then it`s time for his special DJ guests of the night .

Slack Hippy Dogs Bollocks selection

Pulsinger & Irl EXU BigBeak
Olsen Closer Mister Saturday Night
Lost Trax the Saturnian System Delsin
Cleveland Tusk ESP Institute
/DL/MS/ Honokida Trust
E.R.P. Sensory Process Semantica records
Latinoz Don`t Stop Oiwa
Stallone the Reducer Typical Weekly Funk Est 83` Records
Tessela Glisten Whities
24Joy Let The Bass Kick (Heron Mix) Go Bang

For the first 3 hours of the show, from 22-01.00, we shall be taking a music journey to the wonderful city of Hamburg / Germany . 3 different DJs, 2 of whom are newcomers to the show, all 3 good friends with one another. All 3 with an excellent, diverse taste in electronic music . Sit back, dear listeners, and enjoy the show .

Konrad Klotz (Hamburg) started DJing in 1997 as LOG, playing Drum & Bass for about 10 years. After a short break, he went to live in Hamburg, he met his old friends Andreas and Marco ( Electric Control and High Density ) from his hometown and started doing music again in varied styles. most of the time they DJ together. (mixing the genres playing Techno/House with Breakbeats, Dubstep or dnb on 33)

Konrad Klotz

Loparski E-Motion SLPFNK014
Jerome.c Agnes 2 (Lilith remix) ABA001
Sector Y CS_TMS INTA003
Ejeca Pintman DANCETRAX007
Trevino buried NL012
Owiny Sigoma Band Nyiduonge Drums BWOOD097
Luke Vibert Heard It All B4 HYPELP008
DJ Phantasy & DJ Gemini Never Try The Hippodrome KICK LP 03
DJ Slyngshot Stop Playin' Part I YAPPIN005
DJ Bwin Herodot HUNDERT102
Chekov Stasis 113 TIMEDANCE013
Cignol I'm Outside FE 003
Textasy Breakbeat Lizard E-BEAMZ015
Grey Branches Spit Limp INNERLP01
Martyn Glasbeadgames (with Four Tet) ZEN213
Bjarki fresh jive TRP011
Sw. untitled SUED15

Mike Fly (AGIL/Hamburg)
Mike organises the AGIL Parties in the Astra Stube, Hamburg and has a very fine taste in Techno music . Dark, brutal, Industrial with just a touch of Electro to finish it all off .

Mike Fly

Vaperror: : //start_up_seq.exe Dream Catalogue
Shackleton Death Is Not Final (T++ Remix) Skull Disco
Jónbjörn Amsiak FALK
Reade Truth Lights Out Sonic Groove
December 90 Feelings Return To Disorder
Zeven Leven Azza Moustache Techno
Conan O'Donnell Rising Gods xerophkz
The Mover Stealth Boidae
DJ Who Give A Little More (Give It To M.P.) Defective Records
SEER Circles Detour
Talker Battle Standard (Surgeon Remix) Standards & Practices
Mason Rent Tribal Massage Stonedwave
DRONGA DRONGA Mind Records & Plaster Metamorphoseon Delirio
Nur Jaber Late At Night OSF
Ludwig A.F. Röhrscheid Velocity Exo Recordings International
Holon A Forgotten Dream Nebulae Records

renKen (Hamburg) . Already appeared on the show once before, always a pleasure to listen to his take on music. From Electro to Jungle, here we go .


j. wiltshire no more knives super hexagon003
s >>d -best seller central progressing unit 00110111
luke vibert balath asg/deo 018
alma construct river beed sleep super hexagon 002
brain waltzera aegis outdive (sf) analogical force 007
brainwaltzer a fx mod daisy chain (provocatron´s panevropi ´98 remix)
a guy called gerald the fallen prince of heaven juice box 34
mathew jonson freedom engine (db´s raw edit) freedom engine
peter darker destiny (peter´s choice) 7th storey 12020
omni trio mainline moving shadow 32
mayhem metrix basement recordscl 04
africa high-tech out in the streets warp lp199
manix living in the past reinforced
silicon v986 vmax 986
squarepusher theme from ernest bognine rephlex 037 lp

Mister Bellini (Funkroom, Vienna)
Mister Bellini is a very versatile DJ. Last time he was on the show he presented us with Electro & Booty Bass, this time around we go deep into the Jungle . Part of the Funkroom crew, don`t forget to check out their great party in the Grelle Forelle.

Mister Bellini

Tom And Jerry Still Let's Me Down Shell
Hardware Youtman ?
Family Of Intelligence Champion Of Champions Kemet
DJ Rap & Aston Get Rushed Suburban Base
Mister Bellini Jah Live ?
Tom And Jerry Maxi(Mun) Style Remix Tom & Jerry
DJ Krome & Mr Time Studio One Lik Tearin Vinyl
Physics N' Tricks Meridian (Remarc Remix) White House
Family Of Intelligence Nice Time Kemet
Tom And Jerry All Of My... Tom & Jerry
DJ Rap & Outlaw Candy Intelligent Woman (On A Positive Vibe) Proper Talent
DJ Ash & DJ Vern Squeeze Tearin Vinyl
DJ Hype Missile Boy Ganja
Brain Killers Screwface 3rd Party
Source Direct The Crane Source Direct
Homemade Weapons Cicatrix Weaponry
Equinox Let's Go Back 7th Storey Projects
Soundmurderer & SK-1 Badman Rewind
Omen Breaks Law Of The Jungle Jungle Cat

RIC49 is one part of the Aeolic duo, is based in Vienna and it seems he loves his old school Electro . He is relatively fresh and new to the music scene. Dogs Bollocks HQ loves Electro too so we are more than happy to have him on board


Hashim Al-Naafiysh
Cybotron Clear
CEM3340 Sedna
Resident Alien Alienation
Debonaire & Exzakt Final Ignition
Morphology Zeta Potential
Morphology Vector Plant
Dynarec Concentrated Universe
CEM3340 Salacya
Exzakt 10 Larry McCormick
Morphology Linear Fractures
RIC49 Unreleased
Aux 88 How Lo Can You Go
Sync 24 & DeFeKT Pulse Effect
Exzakt vs. Imatran Voima Techno Slut (Exzakt Vs Dynamik Bass System)
Micro Controlled Corp. Life Style
Cem3340 Electronic Orchestra
Aux 88 Synthesizer
Zeta Reticula EP2 A1

Slack Hippy, your Radio Host with the Vinyl Truffle nose has finally got round to doing a fresh Electro mix for The Dogs Bollocks

Slack Hippy

Versalife Missing Link Transcendent
M.S.L Mezzanine Model Future
/DL/MS/ Flowers Frustrated Funk
Reedale Rise Lucid Flow Where We Met
Privacy Four IO Klakson
Mor Elian Fairplex Drive Radio Matrix
Adapta Vohx Continues Frustrated Funk
Dan Lodig Pin487 ( Spesimen remix ) Vigram
Radioactive Man Sonic Portal ( Dexorcist remix ) AFT
Lab Rat XL Aqualung Clone
DNAonDNA AM Phantasma Oiwa
Alonzo 902 Communication WT Records
Cliff Lothar Rector 7777

Rewind Evren De Conceicao vom 27.4.2018. Info & Tracklist here.

Slack Hippy`s chill pill, a selection of chilled out music for the early bird.