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FM4 House of Pain - Playlist vom 13.6.2018

Ghost Rats
Alice In Chains The One You Know
Terra Toma The Play
NOFX The Brews
Boysetsfire Dig Your Grave
Zolle Magnum
Prototyper The Word Is Out
Church Of Misery Doctor Death (Harold Shipman)
Eyehategod Blank
Crowbar As I Heal
Suffocation The Warmth Within The Dark
Zeal & Ardor Servants
Korn Coming Undone
We Blame the Empire When The Leaves Turn Red (feat. Brian Pearl)
Stone  Sour Song #3
A Day to Remember If It Means a Lot to You
Avatar Let It Burn
Ghost Faith
Ghost Miasma
Ghost Dance Macabre
Ghost Witch Image
Ghost Pro Memoria
Vortex Odhinn's Wrath
Ovtrenoir Inherit The Dust
YOB Our Raw Heart