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FM4 House of Pain Extended - Playlist vom 18.7.2018

Boogie Hammer Last Day at the Plant
Diamond Skull Cocaine
Danzig Am I Demon
Death Alley Shake the Coil
Dool Golden Serpents
Caronte Shamanic Meditation of the Bright Star
Demon Head We Are Burning
Slaegt Remember It's A Nightmare
Bombus Master the Reality
Night Viper Exterminator
VOJD Secular Wire
Horisont She Cried Wolf
Radio Moscow Pacing
Muscle Tomcat Machine Cola Hunker
Witchsorrow Demons of the Mind
Electric Wizard Return Trip
Alastor Black Magic
With the Dead Anemia
Mephistofeles Transsylvanian Funeral
Kassiopeia Jamonem
Basement Show
Carolina Durante El Himno Titular
Oh Sees C
Ty Segall & White Fence Body Behavior
Ty Segall My Sunshine
Viagra Boys Sports
Signal BLL
Nothing Zero Day
Nothing Blue Line Baby
Drangsal Allan Align
Korn Falling Away From Me
Converge Melancholia
Algiers Black Eunuch
Tropical Fuck Storm You Let My Tyres Down
Sex Pistols C'Mon Everybody