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FM4 House of Pain Extended - Playlist vom 22.8.2018

White Lies Strangers
Type O´Negative My Girlfriend´s Girlfriend
Siouxie and the Banshees Dazzle
Mix Eraserhead
Stabbing Westward What Do I Have
Nine Inch Nails Sin
Gravity Kills Guilty
Kaelan Mikla Kalt
A Projection Dark City
Then Comes Silence Warm Like Blood
She Past Away Katarsis
Carpenter Brut Turbo Killer
Gost Beliar
Author & Punisher Teething
Master Boot Record Drma 4 Cascade
Interpol The Rover
Kylesa Unspoken
Mix David Pfister
The Devil & The Universe Haunted Summer
Hypnopazüzu Your Eyes In The Skittle Hills
Echo & The Bunnymen Nocturnal Me
Bauhaus Endless Summer Of The Dead
The Doors Not To Touch The Earth
Matias Aguayo & The Desdemonas Cold Fever
Black Marble Frisk
The Soft Moon Feel
Coil A Cold Cell In Bangkok
Roxy Music In Every Dream Home A Heartache
Phal:Angst Despair (Dälek Remix)
Basement Show
GOOGS Pre Strike Sweep
Yonaka Fired Up
The Crispies Fake Leather
Death From Above Trainwreck 1979
Death From Above Romantic Rights
Death From Above Crystal Ball
The Growlers Problems
The Frights Crutch
Tiger Rider Drain The Swamp
BC Camplight I'm Desperate