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La Boum de Luxe - Playlist vom 5.10.2018

Mit Sebastian Schlachter & Joyce Muniz

Joyce Muniz & Friends feat. Black Loops
Riccardo Paffetti aka Black Loops has built himself a solid reputation as one of House music’s most creative and progressive producers. Recognizing his momentum and high-quality releases, Traxsource named Black Loops #1 Deep House Artist of 2017.
Black Loops influences stem from genres such as funk, soul, and disco, while his style is similar to the sound of the 90’s UK House movement and early 00’s NY House.
In regards to his discography, Black Loops has released 7 EP’s on the respected German House Record label Toy Tonics, and also released noteworthy EP’s on Neovinyl Recordings, Pets Recordings, and Gruuv and Good Ratio.
Currently working on a first Album project, Black loops is touring worldwide, touching countries like Australia, Canada, and overall Europe

Joyce Muniz

Sly Turner & Shuski Paradise Garage (Exploited Ghetto)
Groove Armada (Time To) Put Up
Joyce Muniz Get 'Em (Bushwacka! remix)
Riki_Ustrell Frenzy_Eddy_Romero_Remix
Sergio Sergi Random Club
Francesca Lombardo Spondylus (Anja Schneider Remix)
Waze & Odyssey Upper Thrust
FRAK Tarpaulin

Black Loops (Classic Music Company/Neovinyl/Italien) in the mix

Black Loops

Black Loops Australia 1 (out on Neovinyl)
Black Loops Australia 4 (out on Neovinyl)
Black Loops 7hills ft. Nikos (out on Freerange)
James Pepper Lover (Black Loops remix) (out on Neovinyl)
Black Loops King Paul ft. Nikos (out on Freerange)
Black Loops Australia 9 (out on Neovinyl)
Black Loops Alpha Centauri (out on Neovinyl)
Black Loops 7hills (Mad Rey remix) (out on Freerange)
Emanuel Satie Don’t forget to go home (Black Loops remix) (out on Rebirth)
Ed Herbst Smell like Spring (Black Loops remix) (tea)
Black Loops Australia 10 (breakbeat edit) (out on Neovinyl)

Monolink (Berlin)
Singer-songwriter and electronic music producer. To many that might sound like two very different aspects of modern sound culture - which in turn makes Monolink a fascinating character, because he’s both rolled into one. His style seamlessly connects the narrative structure of a song with the compelling forward thrust of electronic rhythms. Guitar chords merge into synthetic pad sounds, hypnotic bass vibrations meet emotional vocal parts, passionate physicality meets sublime stimulation for the mind.


Kevin Morby Harlem River (Monolink Edit)
Manuel Wassmer (Arutani re-interpretation)
Ulises Pan Klub
Noraj Cue Story at the Campfire (Mira & Chris Schwarzwälder Rmx)
Bernstein Álom
Trikk Voltaire
Jacob Groening & Lennart Nicolas Namande
Mike Tohr & Amari Borax
Khen Land of Goshen (Patrice Bäumel Rmx)
Kerala Dust Wires
Niklaus Katzorke Manhã de Carnaval
Hannes Fischer Klumbatsch (Unten Mix)
Zigan Aldi Fidale (Monolink Rmx)

Kode9 & Burial (FABRICLIVE 100/UK)
Wenn Hyperdub Mastermind und Ausnahmemusiker Burial zusammen an den Turntables stehn...

Kode9 & Burial

Untitled Untitled unreleased
Klein Hurry Unreleased
Cooly G Magnetic Hyperdub
Julz Da Deejay Deaths Effect self-released
Roman Rodney Triple Beat self-released
TLC Fam Skim Sam (dbn dance) Gqom Oh!
Nazar Konvoy Hyperdub
Lechuga Zafiro Agua y Puerta NAAFI
Hyph11e Black Pepper (Tzusing Remix) SVBKVLT
Luke Slater I Can Complete You Mute
Virgin B9 Live Adult Entertainment
Nut-E-1 Underwater Fireworks Bear Necessities
David Hykes Rainbow Voice Harmonic World
Jungle Buddha Drug Me Poetic Justice
Black Acid Black Acid Rabit City Records
Vladislav Delay Otan Osaa Huume
DJ Spinn Make Me Hot Hyperdub
Mr Fingers Spy (Kode9 Remix) Alleviated
Scratcha DVA feat. Clara Le San Pink 33 (DJ Phil Remix) Hyperdub
DJ Tre A House Hybrid Hyperdub
TEDDMAN Baby unreleased
DJ Rashad Let It Go Hyperdub
ONTHEGROUND Fallen Nicz Records
Intense The Quickening Rugged Vinyl
Genecom Polyphonic Raid Planet Rhythm
Clementine The Opening DJAX Records
Victim Rebirth Metamesonyxtia Narkogyra Live Adult Entertainment
Friends Lovers & Family The Lift Rising High
AK1200 feat. Junior Reid Junior’s Tune (Digital Remix) BBSAK
OKZharp & Manthe Ribane Treasure Erasure Hyperdub
Ben Frost Ionia (Jlin Remix) Mute
DJ Taye Nu Summer Shit unreleased / Babyfather
Jacob’s Optical Stairway Solar Feelings (Claude Young’s Kyoto Soul Dub) R&S
Proc Fiskal Dishwashing Hyperdub
DJ Chap Brujeria unreleased
DJ Tre A Hammond Jam Hyperdub
RP Boo Wicked‘Bu Planet Mu

Rewind vom 28.7.2018
Marinelli - Balearic Bummeltechno Mix

BoB HarleKin (Ried im Innkreis)

BoB HarleKin

Azur Isar
Be Svendsen Getula
Unders Syria
Meute You & Me (Flume Remix) Live Version
Booka Shade Blue Rooms