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FM4 Liquid Radio - Playlist vom 13.1.2019

Liquid Radio: Scissor & Thread Tailored Cuts Vol.3 in the Mix

Now in its eighth year, Francis Harris’ Scissor & Thread label, his outlet for softer, more composed electronic music compositions, continues to go from strength to strength. Five records were released on the label in 2018, two by Harris himself, one Harris collaboration and two from other artists, and now he’s carefully plucked some tracks from each release and stitched them together into Scissor & Thread’s Best Of 2018 compilation.

Francis Harris St. Catherine And The Calm
Francis Harris Recital Of Facts
Frank & Aakmael Mercy Of Means
Frank Part Song
Alex Albrecht pres. Melquíades Morning Breeze (Francis Harris Re-Form)
Nadia Khan Local Visit (with Francis Harris)
Alex Albrecht pres. Melquíades Avlemonas
Nadia Khan In Gleam
DJ Aakmael Deep Muzik
Francis Harris Minor Forms(Valentino Mora Underwater Rephase