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FM4 House of Pain - Playlist vom 6.2.2019

Paranoid weezer
Bullet with Butterfly Wings Karen O.
Bunnies Blues Lost Under Heaven
Love The Ones You Hate A Pale Horse Named Death
Ms. Jesus Black Palms Orchestra
Climb Ev´ry Mountain Laibach
Naturblóm Kaelan Mikla
Stonefist Health
Grey Hand Windhand
Pangea Doomina
Anti-Social While She Sleeps
Path Of Ignorance Spectral Fire
The Seventh Aeon Obscura
re-program Sokoninaru
Sign of an open Eye Gorgoroth
Bonesawer Pungent Stench
Paralysis Red Gaze
Straight Lines Red Gaze
Peruasive Unease Red Gaze
Palms Red Gaze
Needs Red Gaze
End of Forever Rival Sons
Antitype The Intersphere
Mother of the Sun Black Lung
A New World RPWL
Feral Roots Rival Sons