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FM4 House of Pain - Playlist vom 27.2.2019

Nine Inch Nails Shit Mirror
Health Strange Days 1999
Karen O Bullet with Butterfly Wings
NONN Clear
The Underground Youth The Death Of The Author
Spidergawd Ritual Supernatural
High Brian Cpt. Zepp
High Brian Ikarus
Naplava Mine
Swedish Death Candy Last Dream
Swedish Death Candy A Date With Caligula
Gatekeeper Blade Of Cimmeria
Health NC17
Health Feel Nothing
Health God Botherer
Health Black Static
Health Loss Deluxe
Health The Message
Health Rat Wars
Health Wrong Bag
Health Slaves of Fear
Health Decimation
Tenta King of Norway
Tenta Old Dirty Law
Tenta Feeble Screams
Tenta How I Learned to Swim
Health X Youth Code Innocence