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FM4 House of Pain - Playlist vom 15.5.2019

Hole Violet
Hole Celebrity Skin
the Distillers Hall of Mirrors
Valentiine Love Like
Darlia Choke on Bones
Puncke Ako se Rumenim
White Miles Can't Stop
Hole Dicknail
Hole Retard Girl
Hole Doll Parts
Hole Miss World
Nirvana Silver
Hole Beautiful Sun
L7 Shitlist
Hole Skinny Little Bitch
Hole Malibu
Garbage Sex is not the Enemy
Melissa Auf Der Maur the Key
The Cold & Lovely Not with Me
Babes in Toyland We are Family
Imposition Man Fill A Void
Imposition Man Promise of Salvation
Powerhouse Triblend!
Powerhouse Some People Take Two
Land of Ooo Fight Against Ceiling Vents
Tents Summer of 17
Lime Crush Honk Tonk