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FM4 House of Pain - Playlist vom 22.5.2019

Zeal & Ardor Gravedigger's Chant
Monsters of the Ordinary In your Head
Totscus Three Holes in my Belly
Avalanche Interstellar Movement
Ringworm Aquiesce
Electric Citizen Light Years Beyond
Crowbar Falling While Rising
Melvins i want to Hold your Hand
The Austerity Program Isaiah
Sumac Arcing Silver
Zeal & Ardor Servants
Zeal & Ardor Come on Down
Zeal & Ardor Blood in the River
Zeal & Ardor Row Row
Zeal & Ardor You ain't coming back
Liquid Maze High
The Cure Lullaby
The Cure Plainsong
The Cure Fascination Street
Whispers in the Shadow Detractors
The Cure Lovesong
The Cure The Prayers for Rain
Zeal & Ardor Devil is Fine