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FM4 House of Pain - Playlist vom 14.8.2019

Black Mountain Licence to Drive
Bloodsucking Zombies from outer space Bela Kiss
Misfits Attitude
Mad Sin Psycho Sideshow
Argyle Goolsby Spiders & Flies
Alice Cooper Cold Ethyl
the Damned New Rose
Demented are Go Bodies in the basement
Ghoul Off with their head
Igel vs Shark Mexico
Rocky Ericson Think of Demons
the Cramps Elvis fuckin Christ
the Dahmers Stalker
Lizzy Borden There will be blood tonight
Boogie Hammer Two out of Three (ain't bad)
Drahdiwaberl Mulatschag
Rokko Ramirez Isonzo
Bloodsucking Zombies from outer space Rainy Season
Glazed Curtains Rage
Petrol Girls Tangle of Lives
The Chats Identity Theft
Bad Weed Falling Down
Cryptic Commands World Apart
Bikini Kill Rebel Girl
Hole Violet
Cabbage Arms of Pleonexia
Thee Oh Sees I Was Denied
Melt Downer Riddles
Slaves Take Control
Devo Girl You Want
The Buzzcocks Ever Fallen in Love
180dB ft. Meredith Graves & Nick Zinner Road Trip
NiN Ahead of Ourselves
Protomartyr Wheel of Fortune