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FM4 House of Pain - Playlist vom 29.4.2020

Weddings Pyramids StoneFree Records
Solid Sky Strange Reality Bandcamp
Go! Go! Gorillo As Dirty As A White Suit Bandcamp
High Transition The Whale King Bandcamp
Intra Illusion StoneFree Records
Julia G. Letters Eigenverlag
Scarabeusdream Origin Noise Appeal Records
Suncrust Wolves Bandcamp
Hog Meets Frog Peeping Bear‘s Exegesis of Not Peeping Bandcamp
Sympathy for Strawberry Not in my Name LiMuPic Records
The Vampyres Dream Reality StoneFree Records
Sunstain Last One to Stand Bandcamp
Sativa Root funeral of the Witch M.W.A.
Amer Geduldsfaden Eigenverlag
Kringa As Caleidoscopic Patterns Arise Terratur Possessions
Amestigon QRVI Okbish World Terror Commitee
Psychic TV Stolen Kisses Warner Music
Throbbing Gristle Discipline Mute
Psychic TV roman P. cherry Red Records
PTV3 BB Sweet Nothing Records
Psychic TV Godstar cherry Red Records
Vortex Man of Fire Cyclic Law Records