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FM4 Im Sumpf - Playlist vom 16.8.2020

Nolan Cormier & The Louisana Aces Hee Haw Breakdown
DL Menard La Porte d’en Arriere
The Henry Brosch Orchestra Wooden Heart
Brave Combo Beer Barrel Polka
David Byrne Road To Nowhere
David Byrne Bullet
Abner Jay I’m so Depressed
Abner Jay Cocaine Blues
Abner Jay The Reason Young People Use Drugs
Abner Jay Wee Wee
Abner Jay I Wanna Job
Abner Jay The Backbone Of America
Abner Jay I Cried
Neville Brothers Sons And Daughters
Speaker Music African American Disillusionment With Northern Democracy Continues to Smolder in Every Negro Who Has Settled Up North After Knowing Life in the South.
Speaker Music American Marxists Have Tended to Fall into the Trap of Thinking of the Negroes as Negroes, i.e. in Race Terms,
Lift To Experience Just As We Told
Lift To Experience The Ground So Soft
Lift To Experience Into The Storm