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FM4 Im Sumpf - Playlist vom 10.1.2021

Brian Eno Wimoweh
Slaughter Beach, Dog Are You There
Slaughter Beach, Dog Do You Understand (What Has Happened to You)
Ed Dowie Number Eight Wire
Kreisky Kilometerweit Weizen
Cosmo Sheldrake Owl Song
Mica Levi Lonely Void
Mica Levi Wings
Good Sad Happy Bad Shades
Mica Levi Kind Of Strange
Good Sad Happy bad Blessed
Mica Levi Pain
Good Sad Happy Bad Star
Good Sad Happy Bad This Skin
Mala Herba Droga
Mala Herba Kupaly
Mala Herba Comber
Mala Herba Wszystko marność