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FM4 House of Pain - Playlist vom 7.7.2021

Miley Cyrus, Elton John, Yo Yo-Ma, Robert Trujillo Nothing Else Matters
Times Of Grace Medusa
Octohawk Eyes Glowing Red
Dirty Black Summer Mix Paul Kraker
Glowsun Against The Clock
Yawning Man Macedonian Lineas
Klone Yonder
Huanastone Viva Los Mueretos
Joe Satriani Thunder High On The Mountain
Alcest Les Jardins De Minuit
Killer Be Killed From a Crowded Wound
Rival Sons Feral Roots
Kill The Lycan Sanctuary
Dirty Black Summer Mix Kill The Lycan Christoph Pritz
In Flames Take This Life
Parkway Drive The Void
We Blame The Empire Decisions
Radiohead Creep
The Ghost Inside Dear Youth
Make Them Suffer Let Me In
Architects Doomsday
Linkin Park Papercut
Crystal Lake Apollo
Kill The Lycan Hyperion
Basement Show
Suspectre Meander
Lygo Schockstarre
Spitboy In Your Face
Spitboy Isolation Burns
Crass Nineteen Eighty Bore (Rehearsal Version)