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FM4 Im Sumpf - Playlist vom 26.9.2021

Schweiffels Yolcu
Schweiffels Mein Herz
Fontaines DC The Black Angel‘s Death Song (Velvet Underground Cover)
Thurston Moore & Bobby Gillespie Heroin (Velvet Underground Cover)
Nichi Mlebom I was social distancing before it was mainstream
Nichi Mlebom Future Happenings (I’d rather stay home)
Charlotte Gainsbourg x Soundwalk Collective ft Lyra Pramuk Empower and Enhance
Yelka Teeth
Moor Mother Temporal Control of Light Echoes
Moor Mother Mangrove
Moor Mother Race Function
Moor Mother Shekere
Moor Mother Vera Hall
Moor Mother Obsidian
Moor Mother Made A Circle
Paradiso Infernal Fluch
Anika Change
Helado Negro País Nublado
Wolfgang Pérez Feel like change
Wolfgang Pérez My favourite century
Destroyer Bye Bye