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FM4 Swound Sound - Playlist vom 27.11.2021

1280. Swound Sound
Makossa & Sugar B + Inessa

Artist Titel Label
Ucha Vol Drome TOR
Coss & Luca Musto Saver To Dance Kindisch
Argia Skynaut (Rancido Sunset Dub) Zebralution
Phonique, Fairplay Sewar Kindisch
TMPLE Whispers Moon Harbour
Claudio Ricci Barasu Ayo Coya Music
Alejandro Mosso Amatista Do Not Sit On The Furniture
M.A.N.D.Y. Gizmo (Amine K, Yahya rx) Get Physical
Omri Guetta & Omer Tayar Ever So ( rx) The Gardens of Babylon
Santé & Re.You Faithful ft. Oluhle LSF21+
Fka Mash Hazel Watergate
Hibotep, Titoffee Hold on to your Love (Felix Laband & Leeu rx) Les Disques du bord de l'eau
M.O.S. Amana Melody Of the Soul
Eli Nissan Casablanca Lost Miracle
Mynox, VANDER (DR) Petite Fleur (Extended Mix) Art Vibes Music
Nicolas Rada Hummingbird Hoomidaas
Sebastien Leger Forbidden Garden Lost Miracle
Dave Anthony Written in Stone (Jackson Brainwave rx) Kemet Soul Rec
DBRA A Dolphin's Tale (Chambord Discovery rx) WAYU Records
Amonita, Makebo Two Hearts (Volen Sentir rx) Rubicunda
Double Touch Woolfie TRYBESof