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FM4 House of Pain - Playlist vom 10.8.2022

Who are you Baits Noise Appeal
Black Horizon Torpedo Torpedo Electric Fire Records
De Gier is a Luada Ewig Frost Discos Marracas
Burnin Whiskey Ruby Starr Capitol Records
Capricorn Motörhead Bronze Records
Fast Way To Die Inepsy Ineptik Records
Turn your Head around Tank Kamaflage Records
No Fuel No Hope Children of Technology Agipunk
Sjakk Matt Jesu Krist Darkthrone Moonfog Productions
The suicide song Carpathian Forest Avantgarde Music
Black Damnation Midnight Hells Headbangers
Technophobia Carnivore Roadracer Records
Pandemonial Storms Bunker66 Dying Victims Productions
Endless Armageddon Toxic Holocaust Relapse Records
Musikschui Franz Fuexe Honigdachs
Kepler 22B King Gizzard & The Lzard Wizard Flightless
Gravity Latenite Automatic Bandcamp
Closer Jehnny Beth Nine Inch Nails
Carniva Bikini Kill Bikini Kill
Sheena is a Punk Rocker Aivery Fettkakao Records
Bodies and Control and Money and Power Priests Sister Polygon Records
Deceptacon Le Tigre Kill Rock Stars
Sink Venice Ikara Colt Epitaph Records/ Fantastic Plastic Records
Ignorance makes me High Pontiac Thrill Jockey
Rotten Socks Suricates Bandcamp
Graveyard Love The Mars Volta Universal
Warzone Speedwulf Nebula Heavy Psych Sounds