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FM4 House of Pain - Playlist vom 24.8.2022

Garden Of Cyrus At The Gates Century Media
Song Of A Baker Cabbage 'N Mash Hellsmoremedia
Talk is Cheap Weddings Stonefree Record
Florian Saucer Attack Black Mountain JagJaguar
Let it Roll, Let it Rise Singapore Sling Fuzz Club Records
Evil Things The Black Angels Blue Horizon
Numb Hand True Widow Relapse Records
"41" All them Witches New West Records
Eta Carinae King Buffalo Unreleased
My first knife fight Swan Valley Height Fuzzorama Records
Strange Waves Quest for Fire Teepee Records
Marina Sleepy Sun SOl Diamond Music
Vanish Juleah Bandcamp
My Hands Are Thief Holm Toechteröhne Records
Spaceride Loveboat Toechteröhne Records
Jacuzi Soft Captain Bandcamp
Calvin The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Shove
Renegade! Pussy Galore Shove
Ski Bunny Boss Hog Geffen
Talk About The Blues The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Shove
Worm Town Jon Spencer & The Hitmakers Pias
Layabout Trap Jon Spencer & The Hitmakers Pias
Ohms Deftones Maverick
Down The Hill Snakebender Bandcamp