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FM4 Liquid Radio - Playlist vom 20.11.2022

Liquid Radio: Mix by Maastricht Research

Maastricht Research is a brand new project from Scottish artist Jonathan Hunter producing ambient/drone style material.
The album "Idle Animation“ was written and recorded over a number of years, the Maastricht Research vibe is about as horizontal as it gets and is the perfect soundtrack to long, lazy days and balmy eves in the park, by the pool, in the bath etc! There are zero beats. It’s proper ambient / drone music and could well have been beamed in from another dimension, planet or century altogether, including field recordings, atmospheric fx, lush and eerie pads, with the occasional snatch of a weird vocal and generally other-worldly sounds. The record owes a debt to the likes of Manuel Goettsching, Cluster, Susumu Yokota, Detroit Escalator Company, Astral Industries and Alessandro Cortini, among others...

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