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FM4 Liquid Radio - Playlist vom 1.1.2023

Liquid Radio: Nerd Mix by The Big Kaminsky

Creating a track list is always an adventure, it’s a journey with low visibility on where the selection process would end up. When I started to prepare for FM4 Liquid Radio, I just decided to focus on leftfield downtempo music – pure electronic tracks with rough edges and raw power.
The outcome was amazing: the number of relevant tracks was so massive that I had enough material for two separate mixes. The NERD mix is a journey through a dark and wintry landscape with some minor mood swings – probably the right feeling for 1 January’s hangover.

Archil & Leon Loving You Kompakt
Ströme Chrome Compost
Detmolt Madlen Underyourskin
Daniel Hokum Big River Tehnika Molodeji
Timboletti Modular 1 Metanoia
Gats Aha Bossa AKASHA MX
Wille zum Wahnsinn Bam Bam Bam Metanoia
Deisen Interweaving Parallels Baikal Nomads
Oberst & Buchner Freie Sicht feat. Acud Heimlich Musik
mytripismytrip Nixe Lotti Kiosk ID
Señora Vaina Basal down.
Daniel Hokum Goliath (JOIA rx) Serafin Audio Imprint