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FM4 Liquid Radio - Playlist vom 29.1.2023

Liquid Radio:
DJ Morpheus Chill Out Session January 2023

Manuel Göttsching Quasarsphere Ohr-Metronome Rec.
Michel Banabila & Robert Jarvis An agreement of sorts Tapu Rec.
Mary Lattimore Bird Mtm - Crammed Discs
Mark Snow Repressed Feelings (from Private Fears in Public Places Soundtrack) BSX Rec.
Carmen Villain Impossible Color Smalltown Supersound Rec.
Unloved Thinking about her Heavenly Rec.
Loraine James Building something beautiful for me Phantom Limb Rec.
Faten Kanaan Cascando Fire Rec.
Kuedo Skybleed Magic Brainfeeder Rec.
David Crosby Where will I be Atlantic / Rhino Rec.
Plaid Perspex Warp Rec.
Kutiman Need to forget feat. Dekel Siyal Rec.