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FM4 Graue Lagune - Playlist vom 27.8.2023

Sommerserie „Don’t Forget To Remember“, Folge 8

The Austerity Song 36
Axis Thrones Of Love
Man Forever Debt And Greed
Grumbling Fur Secrets Of The Earth
Amen Dunes Lonely Richard
Odds And Ends While He Looked For A Mermaid, She Weaved
Odds And Ends Where A Flower Is born From The Chaos
Odds And Ends Whedre There is Rain There Is A Rainbow
Porcelain Raft Backwords
Hugo Lagro Fancy
Orla Wren Some Tails Wait Shy
Sol Seppy 12
Triad God Dill
Valerio Cosi I Walk Alone
WOW Niente di Speciale