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FM4 Heartbeat - Playlist vom 11.9.2023

Heartbeat, 11.9.2023

Artist Titel Label
Looking Glass Alice Siren Song Looking Glass Alice
Cousines Like Shit Ziggy Ziggy Seayou Records
Popincourt The Road to Recovery Milano Records
Cory Hanson Twins Drag City
Marta del Grandi Chameleon Eyes Fire Records
Lael Neale I'll Be Your Star Sub Pop
Laundromat Chicks Big Sur Siluh Records
Sen Morimoto Bad State City Slang
Woods Between The Past Woodsist
Iv an Zrta Stihije Fettkakao
Vanishing Twin Lazy Garden Fire Records
David Tattersall Group My Lovely Bella Union
Jimmy Campbell Baby, Walk Out With Your Darling Man Mercury
Naima Bock So Long Marianne Sub Pop
SarahBernhardt Gerät Medienmanufaktur
The Coral Child of the Moon Run on
Jonathan Wilson Ridin' in a Jag BMG
Vinny Peculiar Peace and Love Shadrack
Bas Jan No More Swamp Fire Records
Swansea Sound Markin' It Down Skep Wax
Portable Radio Chas & Morph WIAIWYA
Die Nervösen Vögel Walking Hand in Hand With Spring Demo Suzuki
Shiny Brain Crayons Noodles for Life Shiny Brain Crayons
Chilly Gonzales ft. Bonnie Banane Il pleu sur Notre-Dame PIAS
MAIIJA I am Forever Noise Appeal
Van Morrison Cyprus Avenue Warner
Black Sea Dahu Not a Man, not a Woman Mouthwatering Records
Victor Jara Manifiesto Fundacion Victor Jara