550 rondy

Dieses Trio aus Wien versucht, einen eigenen Stil futuristischer Popmusik zu schaffen. Aktuell haben sie zwei Files für Weihnachten upgeloaded.
just you,santa claus
..... girls x-mas fantasy.

550 rondy über sich

Zitat: "If you'd ask 'What is 550 Rondy all about?' you'd get the answer: 'Well, it-s a band on electronics run by Catarina Pratter, Matthias Lichtenegger and Martin Stepanek. it's about 3 people trying to find a unique style of futuristic pop music'. If you'd ask 'Is 550 Rondy a new project?' you'd get the answer: 'Not really. 550 Rondy has been around for quite a while now. Before their first Record-Release 550 Rondy have been involved in several theatre projects and released two radio plays. also catarina pratter has released a lovely solo mini-mini-album (5 tracks on a7inch-record) on SueMi'. And if you'd ask 'I got interested, are there any other tracks beside the records on cheap and SueMi available?' you'd get the answer: 'You can download some additional tracks by 550 Rondy on the mp3-label pilot.fm'. Finally, you may ask yourself: 'what can we expect in the future by those folks?' 'Definitely' would be the answer: '550 Rondy is working on their first full-lenght-album right now. It will take them a while to finish it, but you really can expect music, which will rock your feet as well as your head!' releases: Yes, we've got rhythm (Cheap036)."


aus vienna | *1996
catarina pratter martin stepanek matthias lichtenegger


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