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Elektronische Songs von einem Geschwisterpaar mit starkem musikalischen Background.
Anti Ally
"Anti Ally" was released on 9.11.2020. Musicclip available on AborAndTynnaVEVO youtubechannel.

Anti Ally was written in memory of a broken friendship. First it was a shock, then came the anger, but what eventually remained was just a sense of disappointment and pity. It‘s the people, who seem the closest, who will turn against you in the blink of an eye.

Abor & Tynna ├╝ber sich

Abor & Tynna alias Attila (21) and Tünde (19) are siblings, whose childhood was strongly influenced by music. Born in Vienna, as children of a Vienna Philharmonic, they listened to their father's daily practicing already in the crib. At a young age they both studied an instrument. Attila took lessons with some of Vienna's best cello professors while Tünde won competitions under the guidance of renowned flute lecturers. But soon they both realized that their hearts aren't beating for classical music. Attila discovered the world of electronic music for himself and Tünde began singing. One day he needed a vocalist and he just knocked next door. They developed a musical symbiosis which resulted in first co-productions 2016.

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aborandtynna | 28.Sep.2020
VEVO musicvideo to "Anti Ally" OUT NOW on yt


aus Wien | *2018
Attila Bornemisza
Tünde Bornemisza



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