Aiko Aiko

Eine erste Hörprobe vom kommenden Album dieses Wiener Duos.
Aiko Aiko - Dans La Forêt (Biscuit Trails)
Music by Aiko Aiko
Lyrics by Nada Aiko
Mixed by Alexander Vatagin & Aiko Aiko
Mastered by Alexander Vatagin
Drum Recording by Khachick Danho
Aaron Thier – Additional Drums
Daniel Weltlinger – Violin


Aiko Aiko über sich

The Austrian Electronica duo Aiko Aiko, consisting of Nada Aiko (Naos) and Pascal Holper (Racial Abuse, Cameran) gave a taste of what their worlds can sound like with the release of their EP "Love Is A Doing Word" (August 2012) and their debut album "Lab Rats, Escape!" (May 2015).

Melancholic, floating, diversely tinkering, melodically playful songs, for ears that long for tender comfort in these cynical times. When Nada Aiko poetically colours the densely crackling, yet at times minimalistic soundscapes with a fragile and gentle voice, and Pascal Holper rhythmically forms the temporal silhouette, a previously undiscovered microcosm is revealed.

In their musical approach, Aiko Aiko knows no limits in terms of song structure and lengths or used sounds - Soft floating synth layers, interwoven with organ sounds and delicate piano melodies, set in motion by edgy yet pulsating beats, which are often based on field recordings (created during the urban sampling expeditions with the collective FA TECH), alternate with restless arpeggios, massive, powerful parts, industrial-heavy, mechanical and technoid elements. Embedded in a bass-heavy, dubby foundation and feverish chaos as well as psychedelic, evocative, repetitive arrangements that build up in many layers.

Individual songs are enriched by unmistakable, characteristic improvisations, resulting from artistic genre-overlapping collaborations with musicians such as the oud player Asim Al-Chalabi, the experimental, jazz and klezmer violinist Daniel Weltlinger, drummer Aaron Thier, clarinetist Matija Strniša as well as the American musician Anomie Belle whose song "The Good Life" got renixed by Aiko Aiko her LP "Flux Remixed" (Diving Bell Recording Co.).

Following several performances at festivals such as "Nation of Gondwana" (Berlin), the "Elevate Festival" (Graz), shows with bands like Tu Fawning, The Asthmatix, Dirty Beaches, etc., and the self-made video clip for their song "Lotus", as well as work on the soundtrack for Kevin Kopacka’s feature film HAGER, Aiko Aiko has released a new music video for their current song "Dans La Forêt (Biscuit Trails)" as a first glimpse of their new album, which will be released in 2020.

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aikoaiko | 5.Apr.2020

Aiko Aiko performing Tim Buckley's
"Song to the Siren" (Isolation Session)
Watch here:

Aiko Aiko - Dans La Forêt (Biscuit Trails)
ft. Simon Mayer & Magdalena Chowaniec [Official Video]
Watch here:

Stay safe! Stay strong! Keep caring!
Much love to you all!!!
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aus Wien | *2011
Nadine Haidenbauer
Pascal Holper


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