Der Wiener Produzent der 90er Dance-Truppe Unique II präsentiert hier ein neues Elektropop-Projekt.
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airfield über sich

Zitat: "10.01.2005: erwin, producer of Unique II (one of the top-acts of the mid 90's) joins to concentrate on his everlasting passion to make music, "just as I like it" and founds a truly compromising new project.

25.09.2005: markus comes along. if you are patient enough to wait, you will sure be there if the right moment crosses your way (at soundpark!). thank's to the net and a whole lot of new ways to present your talents or just finding 'each other', we found markus. or he found us. depends on how you look at it :) but whats only important at last is: we found us. welcome markus!

10.10.2005: sophie joins the coop. you often don't need a lot to accomplish something truly good and sometimes even outstanding. if you have a talent and the heart and the will to give (it) the right kick, you will maybe become part of a something that will soon get bigger than just the sum of its pieces. welcome sophie!

01.10.2006: now we are ready to release the first 5 songs! please visit:
to be continued..."

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mmc111 | 30.Sep.2006
Wir wünschen Euch viel Spass beim Anhören unserer neuen Songs. Besucht auch unsere Homepage:
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