Alexa Lopez

Eine Singer-Songwriterin zwischen Indie Pop, Alternative und R&B.
How Could I
How Could I ist ein R&B/Pop Lied und ist das 3. Lied meines Albums. Es redet vom Gefühl der Schuld und kommt erstmalig am 24. 02. raus.

Alexa Lopez ├╝ber sich

Alexa Lopez is a 20-year old Singer and Songwriter from Vienna who´s musical strenght lies in versatility. Her out-of-the-box songwriting meets genres like Indie Pop, Alternative Rock and Contemporary R&B. While her lyrics talk about her deepest emotions and experiences she experiments with the instrumentals and creates different vibes. Her intercultural roots from mexico and slovaquia make Alexa a person who outgrows herself constantly, especially with her music. With lyrics everyone can relate to and music from all kinds, there definetly is something for everyone in Music by Alexa Lopez.


aus Wien | *2021
Alexa Lopez


Alexa Lopez: 06503019155