Ein Singer-Songwriter aus Kampenhout in Belgien verarbeitet in seinen Liedern Themen wie Tod, Liebeskummer und mentale Gesundheit
In Her Eyes
released: 22.01.2021
written by Alexandre van Havre
produced by Allan Francois
Ever had that warm cosy feeling when you look into someone's eyes?
This song is about love at first sight. It describes a brief second where I allowed myself to feel vulnerable by looking deeply into someone’s eyes. The healing power of a sincere smile can make you fly. I realised that one look can be enchanting enough to let go of all the bad things in life.
I felt this little magical moment when I first looked into the eyes of my Tyrolean girlfriend nearly a year ago. I dedicated this song to them and to everyone who loves a bit of a lovely romance.
I think especially now, in times when we have to mask ourselves, it's more important to look out for the smiling eyes.

AlexVan ├╝ber sich

Alex Van is a Belgian independent singer-songwriter who started to play classical guitar at the age of 9.
Quickly his musical style started to shift towards folk, blues and rock music.
In 2015, he moved to Brighton, UK to study songwriting where he indulged into the music scene and found his love for busking.
During his second year a tragic family incident shook up his life. His older brother unexpectedly passes away. This incisive period shaped him personally and as an artist.
After finishing his bachelor he moved back to Belgium and started to work on his debut album.

His honest lyrics and up front melodies invite the listeners directly into his heart.
Through his music he wants to channel his energy into something true and inspiring covering topics like heartbreak, grief and mental struggles.
He is influenced by a variety of styles (Blues, Folk, Country, Rock, RnB etc.) which he fuses together in catchy pop tunes.


aus Kampenhout | *2015
Alexandre van Havre