Ultra Pop nennen diese vier Musiker aus München und Berlin ihre Soundmischung selbst.

ALPHA SALOON über sich

Zitat: "Alpha Saloon are widely known for their unique style of Ultra Pop: Big cinema by means of Zukunftsmusik. Great and bona fide timeless songs in mellifluous wide screen format. Take-no-prisoners-style. While reggae bands are usually playing reggae and metalbands are of course playing metal, Alpha Saloon are playing Ultra Pop – thus simply leaving every single song the right to sound like what it wants to sound like.
Just as heterogenous and flamboyant is their following: it includes art school folks and
fashionistas as well as punks, die hard cry-babies, mad cultists and happy goths that
regularly come to see the shows and have a good time."

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ahab06 | 8.Nov.2006
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"Hello Weltgeist!"- Alpha Saloons fabelhaftes Debut-Album in voller Laenge (10 Songs, 41:31 min.).

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aus München/ Berlin | *2002
Dr. Ultra
Ye Olde Bob

Tel: 0049/89/97603501
sammyjenkins | vor 6057 Tagen, 2 Stunden, 17 Minuten
ja und wo is die musik?