Amity in Fame

Akustischen Rock mit leichtem Metal-Einfluss spielen diese fünf Musikerinnen und Musiker.
Dinner for one
Dinner for one

A 10-track album with some of the finest songs in acoustic rock-music. It starts with the smart-ass riff based 'Dinner for One' (check out the video on youtube - coming in september) with its bombastic finish and one of the best end-screams of music history. This song is followed by the slightly engrossed 'Haiku' with a mosh-part you wouldn't think an acoustic guitar is capable of. The next song, 'Amity We Should Give' with its melodic intro brings you down again and the smooth rhythm of the chorus gives you a feeling of lightness. Without going into detail about the following songs, it can be safely said that there are some real pearls of acoustic rock amongst them. Everyone will find some more songs to fall in love with on the album. The closer, 'Touching your Breath', finally is a real pleasure for your ears and your mind. It gives the album a warm ending and a feeling of coming home.

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Amity in Fame über sich

Zitat: "The band plays decent acoustic rock that is slightly influenced by metal. Some songs are rather fast and going straight, others are very smooth and atmospheric. The band was founded in May 2008 and is presently rehearsing for its first gigs. The first album, 'Dinner for One' was released in July 2008 and is a milestone in modern acoustic rock - at least according to the band-members ... well, some of them. It was Jimmy Page himself who said about the band: "'Amity in fame'? Never heard of them!" If you don't want to die dumb like Jimmy Page you have to check out their first album right now!"


aus Austria | *2008
Michi: vocals
Judith: vocals
Filip: guitar
Willy: drum
Roman: bass