And Orphine

Eine Solo-Musikerin aus Wien bringt Soul, House und Folk in ihren Songs zusammen.
Wasted (2014) verbindet Jazz und Noir-Rock; Pate stehen hier Songs wie "Strange Fruit" von Billie Holiday oder "Shadow of your smile" von Sarah Vaughan.

And Orphine ├╝ber sich

And Orphine is a solo-artist from Vienna who introduces parts of her first album called "Twin Paradox".
Influences of soul, rhythm and blues built up her songwriting and singing as well as house, electronic music and folk. Therefore she combines those elements which are in so many ways connected, similar and elementary to her approach of music.

Twin paradox as an album title underlines a statement of physical and emotional ambivalence. An alter ego or an supposed unknown twin sometimes takes control in one’s life. Emotions we can’t change nor handle, decisions we should take in our own hands but simply are incapable of. Joy, grief and anger all come from one source which is ourself, sometimes divided.


aus Wien | *2010
And Orphine