Andrea Fischer

Elektronische Popsongs von einer Solo-Musikerin und Bloggerin aus Linz.
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Andrea Fischer ├╝ber sich

She wanted to be an opera singer. Then she wanted to be a goldsmith.
But finally, she learned a commercial profession.
She never lost her love to music and has participated in various band projects. Creativity in many areas is her strength and currently she is developing and producing her songs with garage band.
"I was and still I am my own teacher. Maybe I was born with everything I need to make music?"

Sie singt, komponiert und produziert ihre Songs in Eigenregie.
Aquabeads, so nennt sie ihre MusikerInnen aus GarageBand, wo sie ihre Songs entwickelt.
Sie ist Bloggerin und teilt ihre Gedanken, Reels auf Facebook und Instagram.
Instagram. Andrea.Fischer.75873


aus Linz | *1965
Andrea Fischer - CHIME