And The Beast

Ein dänisch-deutsches Duo aus Berlin schreibt Synthwave-Songs mit Trip Hop Einfluss.
Naked Lies
You’ve been drifting off
You’ve been feeding on bodies
I don’t know
And I can’t help your pressure

I was next to you
Lying next to you
Feeling lonely
More than lonely
Made your walls come down
But you wanted to drown
Feeling only

//Stare at me
Hunting eyes
Stare and see
Naked lies
In paradise//

I’ve been wanting words
I’ve been feeding on promise
You don’t know
And you won’t stop your pressure

//Stare at me
Hunting eyes
Stare and see
Naked lies
In paradise//

Two together in a paradise of pretence.

And The Beast über sich

A flight from Copenhagen to Berlin, a tip from a stranger, two artists collide, And The Beast was born. German producer Philipp Peltz and Danish singer Amy Horn have combined forces in early 2019 to shape their sonic vision of the future past. Their modern interpretation of Trip Hop infused Synthwave creates phantasies of desire and repulsion, order and chaos, good and bad, gentle and rough.

The productions are both sharp and fearless; you can hear influences of Portishead, Kavinsky, Moloko and Trentemøller shining through. Warm haunting synth lines broken up by digital soundscapes and complex drum arrangements, all tied together by Amy’s cunning vocal lines that lead through the ambivalent soundscapes pulling strings of the unknown.

And The Beast is coming. It will intrude your live and leave marks of emotional highs and lows that will stick forever. Don’t be afraid

Neueste Nachricht von And The Beast:

clowny | 2.Okt.2019
A bit wild in structure but wild structures are the best structures.


aus Berlin | *2019
Philipp Peltz
Amy Horn



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