Elektronisch produzierte Songs in Englisch oder im Dialekt von einem Musiker aus Attersee.
Machtausübung der Politik und der Medien
Letzter Aufruf!!!!
Ein Wort der Vernunft, auch wenn große Meinungsverschiedenheit herrscht, findest du in diesem Lied wieder auch wenn sich wahrscheinlich keiner für diesen Track bei den Medien interressiert geben wir nicht auf. danke

Anyhumalis über sich

Me and the name Anyhumalis
Any - human was the basic idea.
Anyhumalis refers to several and anything from the expression
that's why I got stuck with these names.
Moment, duration, period, deadline and distance.
An annual calendar and the traditions.
My life is shaped by fixed habits.
If a plant wakes up from hibernation too early,
this irritation will somehow, sometime for the plant also a habit.

Anyhumalis says:
When a human sets the pace of the world and everything else can stand behind.
This sentence will accompany and shape me in many moments in my life.
Question everything before I'm really sure what I'm going to do.
Make an effort for your own life,
where I carefully note the complete details.

Respect for this world where the development of our lives should be non-violent.
I am human and make mistakes.
So that we don't torture each other with environmental issues from television and the Internet and criticize each other and ultimately blaspheme.

Anyhumalis says:
I start with myself!

Music helps me a lot in staying on this path consistently.
If anyone asks me which instruments I play:
I say: Which instrument do you play? Can I try?
I don't really care if I really have it under control,
because it should be fun and not created in pressure.

The nature and feelings of any human being
should flow into the music and serve as an enlightenment for me and liberate.

That is my wish!
Thank you

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anyhumalis | 2.Feb.2021
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aus Attersee | *2014
Robert Astecker



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