Sphärische Sounds von vier Musikern aus Graz.
Death in 7/4

automassage über sich

Zitat: "Automassage came into being on the grounds of recordings by Samo Ismajlovic, Gottfried Krienzer and later on Rok Vrbancic, on which they fused elements of guitar and electronic music.

They played some concerts in Austria and Slovenia and then took part in the 2006 Klubski Maraton of Radio Student.

At the end of 2007 Automassage have put out their debut album "the ambience between your ears is noise" under the wing of God Bless This Mess records, Nocords and 12rec."

Neueste Nachricht von automassage:

automassage | 30.Sep.2008
Neuer Song "Death in 7/4" wurde auf Sonic Frontiers Volume3 veröffentlicht. Nicht auf unserem debutalbum "the ambience between your ears is noise" vertreten...


aus graz | *2006
Maex Sworcik
Gottfried Krienzer
Roc Vrbancic
Samo Ismajlovic