Diese vierköpfige Band spielt seit sieben Jahren zusammen und hat schon zwei Alben eingespielt.

Avelaine über sich

„You say this mess happened for a god damn reason? And you tell me there is no way out?“

These are questions Avelaine raises on the debut album „Listen to your heart“ and is not struggeling to provide answers on them but rather assures you are not alone.

After beeing a band for 7 years, touring all over Europe and releassing two full-lenght records, the band decided to change their name as their sound shifted into a different direction. The past three years Avelaine worked on their new record at their own studio and produced 13 tracks dealing with the members experiences in life.

„Listen to your heart“ is a very emotional and particullary direct longplayer about betrayals, heartbreaks but as well as love and precious times. Avelaine is a feeling, an attitude, a refuge. It’s shivers running down your spine, joyful moments, a place where you can scream your lungs out, where you can dance or where you cry.

This is Avelaine. We are Avelaine.

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anewfoundflo | 7.Mär.2017
Die Comeback-Sause:
23.03.2017 B72
Tickets: http://bit.ly/2kOU77A


aus Wien | *2003



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