Diese in Russland geborene Komponistin, Beatboxerin und Sängerin schreibt elektronische Popsongs.
I'm Coming Home
the song about self love and healing. 01.06.21

AYGYUL über sich

AYGYUL (she/they) is a queer non-binary Vienna-based singer, musician and self-taught music producer. Using her music and strong voice she spreads her message to the world — empathy, self-love, inner freedom and strength, connectedness with oneself, with other people, nature and the universe.

AYGYUL is a genre-bending musician who unites dance/electronic and future pop flows. She puts her whole heart into an immersive soundscape filled with beats and lush synth. Her music journey started in her childhood as an opera singer. It took a sharp turn when beatbox and live looping came into her life when she was 16. After exploring live looping she started to learn how to produce electronic music by herself watching Youtube tutorials. Everything she knows now she learned from Youtube. Aygyul is also a huge nerd.

She creates music together with her fiancé Pati Avish (they/she) - a queer non-binary poet and street artist, who writes lyrics for all AYGYUL’s songs. Pati puts into words everything that Aygyul says with her music. They create a deep and beautiful fusion of poetry and music that one feels right away. Their art is a declaration of love.

AYGYUL sang at the opening of the 16th FINA World Aquatics Championship, which aired in 198 countries, and won 1st place in the “Solo Live Looping” category at the international Moscow A Cappella Festival in 2019. With performances at Waves 2021, Sofar Sounds Vienna, CSD Munich Pride 2022, FM4 Frequency 2022 the Viennese-by-choice wins over her audience step by step building a community of open hearted people.

7 years ago she emigrated to Austria from Russia because already as a teenager she knew she wouldn’t be able to live her life at its fullest as an open queer person. In Vienna she started to feel safer and it gave her space to experiment with music, discovering her style and voice. With the help of her family Aygyul built a home studio — to be independent and release songs to the world all the way from Floridsdorf.

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aygyul | 19.Sep.2019
meine erste Single "Air" ist jetzt raus!


aus Wien | *2015


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