Balu & die Surfgrammeln

Surf-Sound und instrumentaler Rock'n'Roll von einer vierköpfigen Band aus Wien. Neuer Song!
Erster Akt der Surf-Operette "Pepe - a Tale of Love and Passion". Unser jugendlicher Held wirbt um eine Schönheit und wird erhört ...

Balu & die Surfgrammeln über sich

Terror strikes from the bottom of River Danube – this invasion of generic Viennese natives brings you a ton of reverb-drenched guitars, swirling melodies from a fretless bass and primitive, hyper-sexual pounding drums, celebrating sonic landscapes built out of high-speed instro-mental Rock'n Roll. Their origins and influences yet remain unclear; however, the most widely accepted theory is that they were taken at an early age from their natural parents Dick Dale, Edmund Sackbauer and Lily Munster by hideous aliens who exposed them to some sort of education solely consisting of B-movies and Man or Astro-Man records in a Martian orphanage run by the Cat Women of the Moon.


aus Wien | *2012
Balu Gramml - dr
Kate Gramml - b
Wolfi Gramml - git
Fabio Gramml - git
Max Gramml - git


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